Kwikset 916 Z-Wave delayed response to touch

I have installed 3 of the Kwikset 916 z-wave locks in my residence. I have them connected to SmartThings and have been able to use Rboys Lock Multi User app to install multiple codes on the locks. The locks all respond to SmartThings App on our phones instantly.

PROBLEM - When trying to use the touch screen to enter a code, the touch screen does not respond to touch right away. You can touch the screen to wakeup the key pad, but it will not accept any touches. You have to wait for the lock to go back to sleep, then touch it again to wake it up. After the second wake-up, the keypad responds and the codes can be entered. This causes an unpleasant entry delay for code users. All 3 locks behave the same way. Otherwise, they are working great.

I have the same lock and use the same config (ST + RBoy’s code) and it works perfectly for me. I don’t see any issues with the touch pad.
Touch pad is not very sensitive though to start with (especially during hot days). Sometimes I just have to press harder or give small delay between presses. Otherwise it works very good.
May be you have a defective lock. I would recommend contacting Kwikset.
You can also try completely resseting the lock to factory settings, don’t connect it to SMartThings. Add the new code using pprovided instructions included in lock’s User Manual and see if touch issue still persist. Then definitely defective lock.

Had similar issue. I have 3 locks all working great using the robust smart app then my front door would delay on the last button push 10-14 seconds. I finally removed the batteries (which were new to begin with) and it works perfect again. Stupid computer type “reboot/reset” style.

Btw I’m in NJ and it’s been extremely hot so I wonder if that was the reason.

I’ve had mine for about two years and since new have always had trouble with the touchscreen. Sometimes it will work without flaw other times it does not work at all. It’s very frustrating. Doesn’t matter the time of year hot cold day night it always ask the same. And not just for me for all users