Kwikset 916 only recognized as 910

Hi – when I pair my Kwikset 916 to my SmartThings hub, the app always lists it as a 910 rather than 916. It does this even if I specifically add a 916 (rather than let it try to identify the model itself). I got the 916 to be able to load/unload lock codes remotely, so would really like to use it as the 916. Any recommendations on how to do this would be much appreciated - thank you!

Are you using a custom lock device handler or the stock ST Z-Wave Lock device handler?

What does the raw description of your lock show (IDE -> My Devices -> Click on lock -> raw description)?

Both 910 and 916 allow you to enter codes remotely but you need an SmartApp to do this. You have two viable options, if you’re in the US you can use the Guest Lock app that comes with ST to add/delete basic codes or if you have access to RBoy Apps you can check out the Lock User Management (LUM) SmartApp to manage your lock and user codes including modifying, expiration, presence, modes based codes and create custom actions and notifications.

I’m just using the SmartThings app and attempting to “Add device.” It looks like I need to learn more about what the actual ST infrastructure is and how it works. I do now see the “Smart Lock Guest Access” SmartApp now though, so will give that a try. I won’t be back to where the lock is for a few more days, but will give it a go then. Thank you!

I tried the “Smart Lock Guest Access” SmartApp, and don’t see any options to add/delete codes. Though it did immediately claim to add 5 codes when I first added the lock (which is only recognized as a 910, again). I can’t tell what those codes were nor how to delete them.* I also can’t find the raw description. And the app keeps indicating that the device is unlocked, even immediately after I lock it through the app.

I am feeling like I am trying to problem solve in a foreign country in a language I don’t know. Is there a good primer for basic understanding of this whole infrastructure to help me understand the lay of the land?

  • Edit: just tried the codes I have and see that codes 1-5 in the app are the ones that I programmed directly on the lock, in the order that I created them. Still don’t see where in the app to view the codes and add/delete.

You can find the raw description by opening the IDE, Click on My Devices → Click on your lock → Scroll down to raw description

The locking/unlocking status depends on which device handler you’re using, each one uses a different way of representing the status. The best way to know if to refresh/reload the page and it’ll show you the latest status.

If you want proper feedback about the user code and it’s programmed status and ability to reprogram them I would recommend using a more sophisticated app like LUM, it has color codes for each user which help you understand what’s going on with each user (programmed, pending, failed, deleted etc). You can find more details about it in the first post:

You may also want to read this topic which may help if you’re not seeing the reported lock status not in sync with the actual lock: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub? - #2 by RBoy