Kwikset 914 troubleshooting

I have two Kwikset 914 devices – one front door and one garage. The batteries recently died on the garage door and even after changing the batteries the item has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the ST app and says 0% and won’t work.

I tried replacing the device, I tried excluding, I tried removing, I tried force removing. I’ve pulled the hub to within an inch of the device and tried all these things. I can’t remove the device from my list of things no matter what I try.

Any suggestions?

I flipped flopped the battery backs on my two devices just to see if it was batteries, and same result. While doing so, I also noticed that when I press the A button on the functional device, I get a light, but on the nonfunctional device the A button doesn’t light or do anything. (This is the button that you are supposed to use to send the signal.) Hard to believe but potentially a device that was working for nearly a year but stopped?