Kwikset 914: changing Pin Remotely

I bought the Smartthings hub so I can remotely change pins on my Kwikset lock. After pairing the Kwikset, I noticed only two options in the app: lock and unlock. Has anyone had success with changing pins remotely?


You need a smartapp and/or custom device handler such as Lock Manager or @rboy’s. Search can be your friend :slight_smile:

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In context to @Mbhforum’s comment, this one can run on the stock ST lock device handler (DH). Custom DH is not required but with some locks like Schlage / Yale it can unlock special capabilities, for simple remote programming the default ST HD works just fine.

This one is part of a paid package of apps, there is free version available from another community developer but I believe that requires a custom DH.

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I have 2 of the 914’s and I use the User Lock Manager Smartapp by ethayer. Here is a Link

I do use the customer device types but they are not required. This free smart app has not failed me in months of solid use.