Kwikset 910 Lock Not pairing again after exclusion

I’ve used the kwikset 910 lock for 4 years now and used to use the ‘Lock Manager’ app by Erik Thayer, but haven’t for a couple years now. Well, I needed to use that app recently to set up timed key codes for my lock but was having issues setting it up. While doing some research I found that the Lock Manager app is out of date since it hasn’t been updated for a while and 910 locks weren’t working properly with it. So after reading some more online I found there is a new and more improved app available by RBoy Apps called ‘Lock User Management’. I was bummed to find it wasn’t free, but after reading up about it, and it really being the only solution currently out there with everything I was looking for I purchased it…and this is where things went downhill…

I was again having issues setting my lock up with the Lock User Management App so figured, how about I just remove and delete my kwikset 910 lock from my hub and then just simply re-add the device to my smartthings hub…well…think again friends, since that moment, I haven’t been able to add my lock back and I need some help because I can’t think of anything else.

This is what I’ve done:

-Factory Reset the Kwikset 910 lock by removing the batteries for several minutes, hold the program button for 30 sec while reinserting the batteries, then when it turns red and beeps press the program button again. This is the factory reset according to the kwikset instructions. Also swapped out for new batteries.

-Rebooted the Hub, through Smartthings online, and also by unplugging all cables and removing the batteries for several minutes.

-Excluded the device multiple tries using both the Classic App and the new Smartthings App, moreso in the Classic App since I like it better. I know it was excluded because the app would say an unknown device was excluded and has been reset.

-After exclusion trying to ‘Add a Thing’ in both the Classic App and the new Smartthings app, separately of course. This is where I always get stuck and it never recognizes the device. I’ve tried both the general search for a z-wave device and the ‘Add Device Manually’ by selecting the Kwikset lock but neither ever works. The lock is never recognized. Also, I’ve had the lock several inches away and have even tried just sitting the lock on the hub…nothing works.

-So I bought a new Kwikset lock thinking my old lock was messed up. Literally the same problem, unable to find device when trying to add a new device. So then I’m thinking, it can’t be the locks…it’s gotta be the hub.

-Then I thought factory resetting my Smartthings V2 hub. Yeah, that didn’t change anything…just resulted with me spending several hours resetting up all my previous devices and automations. Still the 910 lock is never seen when I try to add it.

So this is where I’m at. My next line of thought is purchasing the V3 hub, but I really don’t want to if I don’t have to.

Any thoughts, tips, advice, suggestions would be of great help.

do you have any old device handlers for locks that you used previously that are still installed,.If yes, you should remove them

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Nope. I only had the one lock. Once I removed the device it never showed up again. Also, with the factory reset of my hub all my devices were removed and had to be re-added one by one.

did you login to IDE and look under device handlers? removing a device from the ST app or resetting a hub would not remove any custom device handlers you installed?

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First of all I didn’t know device handlers could be messing with this. I just checked and I still had the old Lock Manager app handler in there. I just deleted it and went to add my device again and it popped up in like a second!!! Freak man!! Thank you so much!!

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some of the device handlers can become stale, in which case you only need to publish them again in order to add devices using them. But since you mentioned you added the lock 4 years ago, I figured it was one of the older handlers which is best to remove and just use the newer ST lock device handlers.


Unfortunately this is a known issue with the platform where unused custom DTH’s are not refreshed in the cache causing them to timeout while trying to pair a device. More details here: