Kwikset 910/914 mode change

Has anyone created a way to change modes based on the state of the Kwikset 910/914? For example, you provide a code to the Kwikset to a dogwalker, and when they enter the code and unlock the door, SmartThings changes from Away to Home. When they leave and lock the door, it changes back to Away. I could almost do with with IFTTT, but I need a way to change modes with IFTTT and that’s not supported. I’m not a dev, but I’m willing to pay someone a bit if they could write this up. I’m sure it would be trivial for someone that knows what they’re doing.

I’m in a similar boat. I would love to know when certain codes are entered so I can trigger different events, including changing modes when the lock is pressed. I would also like to automatically lock it after x minutes if certain codes were used. Not sure if that is possible since it seems like I would be stringing smart apps together…which I don’t think you can do.