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Aside from doing the remove batteries, press program 3 times, does anyone know of another way to clear the z-wave config from a previously paired lock? My usual aeon z-wave stick trick doesn’t seem to want to unpair the lock -or- the lock itself has a problem. Doing the so-called factory reset still retains the programmed access codes (primary and secondary) so it’s obviously not doing a factory reset and I suspect not clearing the z-wave mesh pairing.

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Serious comment: Two things to recommend: First, if I’m not mistaken, the z-wave card is removable. I don’t recall how removable, but I’m pretty certain that it can be removed from the lock. You might try removing the z-wave daughter card and see if that resets it. It’s a long shot cause if taking out the batteries doesn’t do it it sounds like the state is probably saved in some sort of flash memory.

Second, if you have access to the Android Beta area they have a chat option there. I’ve had very good success with that. I forget the guys name (Ryan maybe?) but he was very helpful in trying stuff ‘live’ with me rather than having to email support and wait for a response. He helped me get my Kwikset going initially.

Have you tried a candle?


We’ve seen that Z-Wave daughter card come out a lot on the Kwikset locks. If you are unable to remove the lock that could be a reason.

You’re saying the z-wave daughter board might be unseated inside the main board? Just making sure m understanding what’s being suggested before I rip the while thing apart. (Yes, my blood reassure has reached that point).

I think that’s what Andrew is say. I was suggesting if is still seated, perhaps removing it, then re-seating it might clear out its config.

Can you operate it with the old network device? That would says if it was active (seated) or not.

Old network long gone. I’ll try re-seating the board and un pairing with an aeon stick and then try to enroll it with ST.

I had two of the kwikset locks today that refuse to be consistent with their paring on any controller. I’m going to try and run some tests and see what their deal is. One worked great, one didn’t. I tried switching the daughter cards and no neither of them work! I wonder if they need to be factory reset after a new daughter card is installed.

I did essentially the same test with the same results. New out of the box, paired fine. Swapped boards, no luck. It’s something with the lock.

Now if I could only remember how to work the O’scope, hmmm… (Or even find the cables :frowning:

I have 2, one reports alway correct status but the other one does not.
Also I have kwickset set to auto lock after some time. But the ST app does not report the the new locked status.

It’s something n the lock, possibly the motherboard. If pair a new out-of-the-box lock and swap the daughter cards, the old lock won’t work with the correctly paired z-wave daughter board. If I put the “bad” board in the “good” lock, do a re-set and try pairing, it won’t. Swap it back and I have a working lock. Going to see if Kwickset will do anything about it.

Just in case anyone is still following this, Kwickset replaced the lock (past warranty) no questions asked.

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Nice and I like Kwikset more and more!

BTW, what model are you using. My local stores don’t carry the Kwikset Zwave units and sell the more expensive Schlage locks that are about $40 more expensive. I’m looking to upgrade my locks this fall and probably use with ST interfacing to see how things can work. Thanks, Sorli…


One thing to be aware of: Kwikset uses a new core system that allows you to “program” it to accept your existing (kwikset) keys. This is handy in many ways if you already have a bunch of kwikset keys that you don’t want to replace, or if you’re installing a bunch of locks and want them all cored to the same key.

The downside is that they are a bit more susceptible to break ins. See this video:

Now, I think the “easy” with which they claim to be able to get in is exaggerated slightly and I also believe that no consumer grade lock is ever going to be 100% safe. Further, even a super-duper high security heavy metal door with reinforced concrete door jam with a high strength door lock won’t keep a dedicated thief from getting into your house. He or she will simply break a window.

So I don’t think this lock is an open invitation to criminals and I still have an use my Kiwkset. But I do want people to make an informed choice.