Kwickset 910 app

I have a kwickset 910, and I used to have an app that I used for adding/deleting members and could asign them a key for acces.

I have a problem whith my cellphone and I cannt remember which app was It, I have Smartthings and I have add the de ice in the app, but I only can lock/unlock the deadbolt, can you help me to know which app do I need?

You can use the built in SmartLocks app from the marketplace. It does a decent job of programming permanent users and seeing the history of usage. If you have access to rboy apps and you need more flexbility like managing multiple users, temporary users, expiration based users, scheduled users, notifications, actions and more check out LUM (which also works with SmartLocks dashboard)

Sorry for a long time without answer, I used to have the Smartlocks, but since 1 year I don’t see in my automations. Even when I add It again.

After searching again I found the Smartlocks in My Home Solutions, thans a lot, the problem is solved.