Kuna - Outdoor motion light with camera and intercom

Enough said from the topic. Check it out!!! Looks super cool! Said they will work on an API after its released.


Pretty interesting, would of been nice to see a ceiling mount version for porches.

I agree, but kickstarter is often directed to the most broad crowd. I’m guessing this reaches the most people.

I like it!! Now does it record as well?

Whoever makes a good doorbell camera or light first takes my money👍

It does look interesting. From reading their page it looks like it’s live video only for now. They talk about adding cloud recording as a subscription service in the future. That probably takes it off my radar. Too many services wanting $10 a month or more add up pretty quickly.

Should be pretty easy to add an FTP site for it to upload to.

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Hello,for those of you who are interested in Kuna, I did the installation this weekend.

Here is my feedback:

P.S. Look at my last post at the end of the thread.

Bought mine for $199 from Amazon, got it installed today, it is awesome.

Combined porch light, motion detector camera, intercom, and panic button siren. Everything works great. I am really impressed with this. :sunglasses:

I have a sensor on my front gate so I get a bell on my watch when somebody opens the gate. The camera is set up so that it can see both the gate and the front door.

So when the bell rings, I can check the video to see who’s coming in and decide if I want to go to the door or just use the intercom. Excellent value at this price.

I’m very interested to see where this product goes. Obviously, ST integration would be killer. I love me Arlo cameras outside, but the added benefit of audio with Kuna is hard to ignore.

Hoping this progresses in the community.

I think it also depends in part on where do you want the deterrent effect of a very obvious camera.

In my case I have an entirely separate security system. This particular camera is being used for a convenience case, so that I can see who’s at the door and talk to them if I need them to wait for a few minutes. (I use a wheelchair And it can take people longer than they expect for me to actually get to the door.)

At my house, people know that they have walked past a security camera before they get to the door but I didn’t like the feeling of people having to wait at the door several minutes with a camera staring at them.

With the Kuna it looks like a regular porch light with a motion detector. The camera is not at all obvious. But that’s the one that will be pointed at the person well they are waiting for me to come let them in. So I like that aspect of it a lot.

I also really like that I can get live video on demand whenever I want it without having to wait for a motion trigger, not all doorbell cameras have that, and it makes it very easy to check for packages.

I also like that there’s a built-in siren that I can trigger on demand. Again most doorbell cameras don’t have that. That means if I saw someone that I felt was a threat, even if I was away from home, I could trigger the siren immediately. The siren is quite annoying and obviously part of a security system so I was pleased with that. Again this lets me sit off the siren for exactly the amount of time that I want without having to wait for a barrier breach.

Also I really like that at my house it happens that the porch light was parallel to the front door so that the camera is aimed across the entrance area rather than out towards the street. I feel confident that this will reduce the number of potential false alarms. Also because the lantern is higher up on the wall then a doorbell would be, I like the perspective that I am getting. I can see the persons face and body, as well as whatever they might be carrying. Just that little extra distance makes the picture a little easier to interpret.

So all in all I’m really happy with this. Now, as you say, all it needs is really good smartthings integration.

Just an FYI in case this hasn’t been discussed yet but sadly Kuna won’t allow local recording of ANY kind…

I’m wondering what you’d see if you sniffed the traffic though…

You can grab a screenshot of the current live feed, though, I’ve done that a couple of times already. Obviously you have to be watching at the time, but since you get the sound alert when motion is detected, it’s a possibility for some cases.

Or if you have a Mac you could probably use AirPlay and reflector to record the video display from an iPad, but that’s only helpful, if you already have the devices.

For me, the Kuna doesn’t substitute for a security camera. I have a separate security system and anyone who is come to the front door has already passed that camera. But because it can take me several minutes to answer the doorbell (I’m in a wheelchair) people often have to stand there for a few minutes. I didn’t like the feel of having a regular security camera staring at them the whole time.

So at my house, the Kuna is really a substitute for a video doorbell. And it’s great for that. I can see who’s at the door, I can speak to them through the intercom speaker. If I happen to be away from home And notice the alert and think the person looks suspicious I can hit the panic button siren before they ever get the door open.

I can also grab a screenshot if for example I thought it was someone stealing the package. But it’s not substituting for a video monitoring system for me. Just that moment when there is a person at the door. So it all comes down to what your use case Is.

how often does that happen? your neighbors must love you :wink:

Very rare, but I could do it. Since it’s a manual trigger, no false alarms.

And, yes, my neighbors love me. Seriously, best thing about my house is good neighbors on 3 sides. :sunglasses:

I hope this is considered on topic. Now that version 2 of the hub is out and I’ve preordered it, I’m debating between this, or the Dlink DCS-2330L and was wondering if anyone had any opinions or insight to offer. My situation is this:

In my home, most of the front windows are for bedrooms, it is impossible to see the driveway from inside the house. My girlfriend works from home and constantly hears things outside, but can never tell if there’s anyone here. Now, we’re probably getting a Ring for a doorbell, but we have two wall light fixtures on either side of the garage door. I was going to replace one with a Kuna, but I’m wondering if the Dlink would be better because it offers the ability for on-demand streaming.

My biggest concern is quality of the physical camera. I live in Florida and have learned many times that things are not designed to survive Florida heat and rain. There is a small overhang that will somewhat protect the camera, but in the end, it’s still Florida.

Does anyone have any experience with the Dlink? Any opinions one way or the other?

I love Kuna! And no false alerts. Yesterday it recorded the pizza delivery guy ringing the bell, and deciding to play with the wind chimes outside, FedEx guy delivering a package, knocking on the door… Guess will have some fun with the neighborhood kids come Halloween with the built in siren and message. :wink:

I’ve been reading that the Kuna looks great, but being that I want it mostly for by the driveway, I’m really leaning more toward the Dlink for the on-demand video functionality. I’m mostly looking to see if anyone had any opinions…As I type this I’m thinking I probably shouldn’t have nested my question under a Kuna thread…

Yeah, two separate questions.

That said, with Kuna, I do have on-demand video, unlike a lot of the video doorbells. I can just press the app button and see what the camera sees. Really like that.

As far as Florida goes, Florida’s hard, as you know. Yves Racine has been using the Kuna in Canada since, I think, March, and he said it held up well to the cold and winter conditions. But Florida humidity is a whole other thing. I would say the Kuna’s basic engineering is as good as most mid range cameras. But I don’t know if that’s enough.

@JDRoberts, in fact, I’ve been using it since May, so no adverse Winter conditions yet…

But I must say that I’m pretty confident with the Kuna design… And, I love my 2 Kunas…
Best buy on Indiegogo so far.

Now, that you can purchase the Kunas on amazon or on Kuna website, this lowers your purchase risks.

Here is a link to the Kuna website for more color and design options than Amazon:


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In my reading i thought i read that video on demand wasn’t offered through kuna, but am i understanding you correctly that it is? In the kuna app you can just activate the camera whenever?