Kuna lights

Looks like it will be available this 15th in U.S. Anybody planning to get one of these… Hope this is a decent product and somehow gets integrated with ST.


Yep, I’ve got one on pre-order from Amazon. Great price, $199. (And as part of the launchpad program, you’re buying this as a regular retail order from Amazon, with their purchase and return policies.

@yvesracine was an early backer and has had his for a month or two.


Please combine this with the existing Kuna topic:

Kuna - Outdoor motion light with camera and intercom

Lend me some dough, JD! I am broke after this India trip and itching to grab two of these… To replace my crazy front and back porch lights! :wink: I will be damned. My ma-in-law is going to gift me something for “son in law” festival… So, might as well pre order it. :wink: if @JDRoberts got it, we are safe! And of course the Ecobee guru @yvesracine is there to shift to the next gear! :wink:

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“Neither a borrower nor a lender be…” Every dollar I spend is strictly to budget. But I had $300 budgeted for a video doorbell, and this was the first one that looked worth trying, especially since I needed to replace the porch light anyway. But I still didn’t put down any money until I could get it from Amazon with full consumer protection. :wink:

(It takes me several minutes to transfer from the couch to my wheelchair. My service dog can open the front door but only if a human has first operated the deadbolt. I can work the deadbolt from my smart watch, but I need to know who’s there first! If it was, say, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the dog opening the door might be a little startling. LOL ) :dog:

I will stand guard as a sentry on your door… :wink: check out sentry in Indian context during British rule!

You made me so sad, JD! Well past bedtime here… I go to bed with a broken heart. I thought you were my friend! Alas! :wink:

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Heh. The dog makes a good butler, it’s just the visitors who get startled if they aren’t expecting him.

He opens the door, lets the people in, then closes it behind them. :blush:

I have a couple of friends with service dogs who do the same, it’s a crowd pleaser trick for people who like dogs, but also very practical.

But like I said, I want to be the one who decides whether it’s ok for the dog to open the door, hence the value of a camera.

As for loans–I’m a good friend, but a broke one. LOL!

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Ok JD! Since you didn’t make me a sentry, I ordered one right now! :wink: it’s late night here and will call mom-in-law about her gift to me… She has seen me grow up and a few son-in-law gifts are due… Indians from India will understand what I mean… I have been fed, wined and dined since morning thru night by the two moms… I cant freaking move or think… :wink:

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Anxiously waiting for the Kuna’s. Have 2 on order. @JDRoberts Any luck with yours? I ordered one from Amazon and one directly from Kuna. Amazon status shows preparing for shipment and expected delivery this coming Monday… Have been totally out of touch and totally jet lagged…

Got mine from Amazon and installed this week. Works great, I’m really happy with it. :sunglasses:

Now we just need ST integration!

Details in the original Kuna topic:

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Kuna has no status on my order. Weird! I ordered one from them as Amazon only had black and I wanted one in bronze which was available only at Kuna’s site.

I am just waiting for @yvesracine to have this integrated with ST then I will get it. I am driving my wife crazy with all this new apps and procedures. I was warned to get new toys but no new apps.

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Just in case you guys weren’t aware:


Yep, Maximus is just a rebrand of the Kuna light. Same device same cloud services same support. From the Kuna site FAQ:

At the time of this writing, the Amazon price for the Kuna and the Home Depot price for the Maximus were the same. The price on the Kuna site itself was a little higher, but it offers more models.

And more colors. I ordered one from Kuna’s site as they were the only ones to carry “Bronze”.

Yep just throwing it out there :smile:


I am tempted to grab one of these. I just spent 40 bucks on a new light for outside on a new door for my house extension and a zWave light switch, so around $90 total. For another $110, I get a camera too. I am just hesitant b/c I want to be able to control it effectively in SmartThings and a lot of these newer technologies don’t pan out…

It is JD approved! What more do you want! :wink:


Well, this one isn’t newer technology: it’s encrypted Wi-Fi. So that part is pretty solid.

Also, in addition to the camera you get a speaker, and a panic button siren. There’s no microphone, so it’s not a full two-way intercom, but it’s fantastic for saying to the person who is standing at the door “hang on a minute, I’ll be right there.” Or if it’s someone you want to let in “I’ve unlocked the door, come on in.”

So you are getting a motion control light, a wifi camera, a speaker, A panic button siren, and a little chime alert on your phone or iPad when something triggers the motion sensor.

I wouldn’t consider it a substitute for a security camera but as a video doorbell it’s perfect for me.

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Thanks. When I said new technology, I probably should have said new product. I have been burned in the past with buying new product point solutions such as CyberRain and RainMachine for irrigation(I have an Rachiro Iro now and it works flawless) and GoGo Gate Garage Door (I have a MyQ now and am much more happier with it), It does sound like a pretty good value though and I don’t blame someone for trying it out.

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