Konke button and DH hubitat

I bought one Konke button zigbee 3.0 and I found the DH but for Hubitat …
Can I use it in Ide SmartThings ?

You may be able to just use ST’s stock handler called Zigbee Button. Try joining the button. If it joins as a Thing, just change the Type to zigbee button in the IDE.

Ok, I’ll try …

Any luck with the Konke device on ST?

I couldn’t do test because the button isn’t here yet … (I hope in the next week).

Konke button is just arrived …

Pairing without problem like “Thing” and quickly modified like “Xiaomi Aquara Button” (bspranger).

The button works fine (pushed and double).

And … I like Aquara button, I like Samsung button , but Konke button is very, very nice …

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Hello Giamma, I bought this button from Konke and I would like to know how you added it to the Smartthings Hub, I have here the Smartthings Hub and 2 KONKE buttons to add, I am a layman on both platforms both on Smartthings and with KONKE, could you please show me a step by step to add these buttons to Smartthings,
I thank you very much for your help.

Hi Roger,
it’s not a problem to help you (I’m warning you, my English is very bad), but there are technicalities you must know because I can 't explain everything in this post.

Do you have IDE?
Do you know DH (device handler)?

If no, you have to inform on these two aspects; search into the community, you will find many information …

All right, let’s go …

  1. in IDE add this device handler:
    GitHub - bspranger/Xiaomi: my Xiaomi Device Handlers for Smartthings

  2. in app SmartThings add new device with “scan near”

  3. push 2/3 time the little button inside the konke button and wait

  4. the button will be added (rename it if you want)

  5. In IDE change the type from “Thing” to “Xiaomi Aquara Button”

Now you are ready to play with your konke button …

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