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Kodi SmartThings Monitor

(Gene Clark) #1

Does anyone use this? I’m having trouble authenticating and assume it’s because of the Samsung account migration and wondering if there’s any fix.

(DJAC) #2

Same. Can’t get it to work.
Try smartthings Kodi beta.
You can at least get notifications

(Jeffrey) #3

The code needs an update for new login process. It’s being worked I believe.

(Lunatixz) #4

Correct, shortly after releasing this addon Smartthings changed authentication… I’ll update the plugin when I get some free time; if anyone wants to contirube to the project code can be found here:


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(Gene Clark) #5

Not to be a pain but any progress on this at all…?

(Jeffrey) #6

I think it’s pretty dead at this point.

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(DJAC) #7

Try this. Been working perfectly for me so far.

(Gene Clark) #8

Are you using the code that’s posted in the comments of that thread? I’m not seeing any GitHub links.

(DJAC) #9

There was a link to git hub if I recall correctly
Will have to check, but Kodi notifies me about every notification I Wanted so far.


This has been working like a charm for me for over a year

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