A device with interchangeable sensors. Knut is a small, battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled device that enables you to monitor valuables.

Here is the project at kikstarter.

Knut can be used to:

Monitor the temperature of your home, aquarium, wine collection, home brewing operation all at the same time
Monitor the humidity in your basement or cigar collection
Tell if someone has opened your liquor cabinet or refrigerator door
Measure how much vibration a package experiences during shipping
Insure you water your plants
Thousand more uses that we haven't imagined yet - but you will

That will be great to integrate two of this: SmartThing and Knut.

I guess I’m missing what this could do that some of the sensors with the SmartThings system couldn’t do already.

The Presence sensors can monitor temp… There are open/close sensors already. I understand that these can also be programmed however we would like them to work in they system with reporting etc. (Correct me if I’m wrong SmartThings!)

Modules could be made to monitor humidity and for example there are third party ones already out that can be water sensors I believe. (Like if there is a water leak etc…)

While I’m all for open integration - I am curious to know what Knut brings that Smart Things can’t already do? An honest question really! (The post isn’t meant to be antagonistic in anyway - really want to know your thoughts - as at surface it doesn’t look to add much that couldn’t already be done in the SmartThings system.)

I think Knut would be similar to Lifx: That is, a device that can (possibly) be integrated with SmartThings, but can also stand alone.

The difference is that, as you mention Eric, is seems like existing Things already can (or will be able to) do much of what the Knut can do.

Yeah - that’s kind of what I gathered too chrisb.

My main wonder then is, doesn’t it just become a lot of work then to integrate something that the SmartThings system can already do on it’s own… right?

Yes, from a SmartThings perspective, yes.

Really it looks like Knut is more a competitor to SmartThings.  There might be some inter-operability between the two, but yeah, I don’t see much of a good reason for Knut if you already have SmartThings.

Glad I’m not the only one thinking it may not be anything more than what SmartThings is/can do… Would be interesting to see if the maker of it might reply here with more insight.

Ok, guys that is only another idea. Yes, SmartThings do have Presence sensors and others as well. And that is very strong argument.

But as I understood correctly the idea of SmartThings is to work with everything. EVERYTHING.

As you can see lots of people do liked Knut. Why they can’t connect it to the SmartThings? Why they should choose one Knut OR SmartThings. I think they do not have to choose only one approach, they should use more than one product (do you remember “even more” from SmartThings ad?) together.

And that should happen with any other interesting project - everything should be able to connect with SmartThings.

I’m not saying that must be the primary goal, but in some time it should happen, isn’t it?

I think SmartThings will benefit at the end because it’ll be the point for connection of everything.

I hear ya Dmitry - if it’s something that a LOT of people are using - it would be great to integrate with SmartThings. My only personal reservation is that it doesn’t appear to really do anything that you CAN’T do with SmartThings already. Is that correct? If I am wrong - please let me know!

My other questions are - the KickStarter sold 398 actual kits (I subtract 10 for the people who just supported the project.) Have they delivered the project? Are they selling it anywhere else? As if there are less than 400 people using a project that doesn’t expand on the capability of SmartThings - is it worth the effort for SmartThings to make it compatible? That said - no one will get in the way of someone else using the toolkits once out to allow it to work with SmartThings.

That’s the couple reasons that I personally don’t get excited about Knut - appears to be a small user base and it doesn’t seem to add (at face value) any functionality I can’t get from using SmartThings.

I’m kinda with Eric on this one.  I mean, sure, make it compatible if possible, but it wouldn’t be a high priority for me.  It’s not that knut is bad, just, not terrible different from what already will be able to be done.  Now add in that with the Knut you are paying for a pathway to get on to the Internet, something that already exists with SmartThings, and you buying more than you need.

I guess I think of it this way: SmartThings Hub is a tractor that pulls my trailer (various sensors, devices).  One of the trailers I can connect is very similar to the trailer that Knut has.  Now, I may like that trailer, but in order to get it I can’t just buy the trailer, I have to buy the whole Knut system, which includes it’s own tractor, even if I just want the trailer.

Guys the way you are thinking making other projects a competitor not the project itself…

Knut (and not only this project) making some times the same. The question is not what it can do but how.

It doing thing differently is it bed? I do not think so.