Known 'Broken' functionality, ie. stuff that does not work - List them here

There is probably a prior post on this and some acknowledgement by ST on the topic.
I ran across a post by Duncan on 1/13/14 under the Best Range Extender –
" If you’re talking about the outlets showing up as “INACTIVE”, that currently doesn’t really mean they are off the network. The active/inactive state is still broken for most third-party devices. As long as you can control them, they are connected properly."

It is still curious to me as to why ST would have ?10x frustrated users and ?x support tickets for know issues at this stage.
If you have know issues that you feel would be useful for others - Let’s post them here. my2cents

My 2 cents:

I’m getting a little frustrated (concerned as well) that I can be sitting right now looking at two sets of lights being on for a couple hours, and neither the current Android version or the beta version of the ST app will show the status correctly - they’ve been showing OFF in ST. I got tired of waiting, again for almost 2 hours, and tapped on Refresh to get the right status to show up. Once I did that, both the current and beta versions of the app updated to ON.

Right now ST isn’t ready for my wife to accept as something she can rely on, but for me I’m willing to continue to make this better and reliable.

To me it seems like something like a device’s current status should not be that difficult to keep up to date.

I think their polling engine is broken right now. I see from my event logs that all polling has stopped at 5PM PST yesterday.

Thanks Col. Hack. Are you capturing your log from the IDE, or some other way? I would like to keep track of events for more than just when I start up the IDE, if there’s a way to do that.

Yes, go to Click on “events” corresponding to your location. Then on the events page select “All” to see all events.

Cool, thanks.

I’m also wondering if something changed… I just created a topic about my dimmer and my GE remote that stopped working. Nothing in my home has changed recently, so it makes me think something on the ST side stopped.