KNOCKI - New Device Spotted... Thoughts?

Choice is good, and different people have different physicality. Something like the knocki might be useful for some people for some situations. And again, as has already been discussed in this thread, there are already devices now that can do this, including a knock notification smartapp in SmartThings. But I don’t think it would be quite as widely useful as you might imagine to begin with. If so, people would be using one now. As I said, the technology exists.

I myself am quadriparetic. I went through the walker stage–A device like knocki would not have been usable unless I was already sitting down, in which case the Walker is not really relevant.

Knocki is going to cost more than a Dot for a device that not only does much less, but which also is subject to many false events. This was the same problem that the old clapper had. And if you want to have two or three patterns (one for on, one for off.) then the person has to remember those patterns as well.

For someone with significant cognitive issues, I think just a Flic button, at about 25% cost of the Knocki, would make much more sense. You can stick it anywhere, it’s brightly colored to attract attention, and if you have any arm control it’s very easy to use even just with part of the arm. And no false events.

As someone who has learned to use many alternative control mechanisms, I just think there are existing options which solve the same problem more reliably and at less cost.

But again, choice is good. There’s no harm in someone trying the Knocki once it’s actually released to the market, and if it’s useful, great. But I would buy it from someplace with a good return policy. :wink:

BTW, The following thread lists the buttons and remotes which are currently available that work with SmartThings. Quite a few choices there, many suitable for a nightstand. :sunglasses: