Kichler 300275WH Ceiling fan with proprietary switch - how do I automate it?

Found a great fan we liked with an open box deal. This was replacing one that died in our master. Installed it and figured it would work with my old switches (separate light/fan). Research mistake. Found it needs to work with a single proprietary switch.

I was planning on using a sensor and inovelli fan switch (fall release) to control it. Am I dead in the water at automating this?

This uses a proprietary digital motor control system, I don’t think it’s going to work with any conventional fan switches.

They have a remote that will work with it, but that’s also proprietary. You could check with bond to see if that specific model will work with their control device and maybe get something happening that way, but I’m really doubtful.

There’s also the problem that once you install the remote you no longer can use the wall switch, it’s one or the other.

It looks like part of the issue is that this has an integrated LED, not a separate light kit, which complicates everything although it improves energy use.

Maybe somebody in the forum already knows a way to do it, but I’m not optimistic.

Here’s the remote model number:


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Long dated post, but do any of you fan gurus have any idea if the new inovelli combo fan switch will work with this fan?

@JDRoberts - I know you said no before, wondering since it was released if this opinion changed at all.

I would check with Inovelli support.

Yeah, it’s tough to say as we haven’t tested this specific fan either. I’d have to see inside the fan canopy to tell. If there’s a module in there already that connects to your remote and it can be removed, then I’d say yes – however, if it’s completely built into the fan, then I’d say it’s likely not going to work.

You may find some luck posting about this in our forums as there are some pretty smart guys who have messed with their fans to get it to work.

Here’s an example:

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