Kichler 12357WH Z-Wave 24V Dimming Module?

Still new to smart things, anyone have any experience with this device?

Must a device be officially supported to work or is there a chance that devices not on the supported list might just work anyway?

I have some existing 24v under cabinet LEDs in my kitchen and I’d like to retrofit them for ST support rather than completely replace.

Any certified zwave device should work with SmartThings at least as far as a basic on/off command.

It’s also possible that it will match to one of the existing generic device type handlers.

If you need access to advanced features of the device, in most cases a custom device handler can be made. This is one of the biggest strengths of the SmartThings platform.

There are many community members who enjoy the challenge of building new device type handlers and are happy to help if you do need one. :sunglasses: