Keypad tones on Schlage lock?

I just updated @ethayer Lock Manager to version 2.0. Went very smoothly and all features appear to be working. Two minor issues with my Schlage lock:

  1. On manually entering a code, each keypad button pressed made a beeping sound. Now no tones and I’d like that back.
  2. Pressing the “Schlage” logo (over the keypad) used to lock the door. Now it doesn’t do anything. Now I need to enter a code to manually lock the door.
    Any ideas how to get these functions back?

If you still have the setup guides for the locks… you can find out how to manually set those features on the lock. :slight_smile:

if you don’t have them, you can google the specific lock + manual to get the instructions

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Thanks @jkp… Since I didn’t do a factory reset of the lock, I assumed the issue would have to be associated with the SmartApp- but I’ll give it a shot tonight with the hardware settings.

If you use the classic smarthings app. You can adjust both these setting in the classic app.

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@Shanapadilla, thanks… funny that I never looked there. I rarely rely on the ST app for functionality of devices!

It’s not the SmartApp but rather the DTH that control the lock features. You’ll need a custom lock DTH to access those features from SmartThings or like jkp said you can do it physically on lock itself if you just want to toggle it once and be done with it.

Schlage -> 6 digit programming code -> Press 5 to toggle the beeper (1 beep enabled, 2 beeps disbaled)

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