Keypad for ST hub v2.0 UK version

Hi all,

I am looking for a keypad device with buttons that i can use as a remote. My main purpose is being able to turn both (indoor and outdoor) sirens ON and OFF, but i could also use it for lights and other stuff.

I have the Philips hue dimmer with a custom dev type by @Sticks18 that can be found here, but is not stable unfortunately.

Can somebody recommend a keypad remote device that will work (100%) with ST hub v2.0 UK version?

Thanks a lot in advance.

It depends exactly what you’re looking for. To be honest, the absolute easiest one is just to use a minimote. They’re available on both US and UK frequencies, they are relatively inexpensive, they work very well with SmartThings, they have four buttons, and they can even be set up to accept a pin code with @tgauchat 's smartapp. Not the most elegant, and if you want it wall-mounted you have to build your own case, but it’s an easy solution for a lot of situations.


JD, my man, you (among others) are the sole reason it is worth staying on the ST platform. I cannot but appreciate your will to help. If i was that Alex CEO guy, i would consider including you in the company payroll.


I will look into the minimote(BTW, is this the same?), but i have some more questions. What about the hidden buttons? Are these programmable? These look lile ideal candidates for siren operation since they are much more difficult to accidentally press.

How about a more permanent wall mounted solution for a keypad for SmartAlarm? What would you recommend?

Thanks again.

The hidden buttons are used for network administrator functions, to add the minimote to the network, to associate zwave devices, etc. they can’t be used for anything else as far as I know.

As far as a regular wall panel, there are a couple of topics in the UK section of the forum where people have looked at some UK frequency devices, but I don’t know if anyone ever got them working.

I myself can’t physically work a minimote, I don’t have enough hand function, but we do own one that my housemate uses. The buttons are a little bit recessed so we haven’t had any problems with them being accidentally pressed. Even if you flip the minimote over upside down on the table the buttons don’t get pressed.

@tgauchat has done a lot with minimotes, so would probably know more.


Is this what you proposed?

Is Aeonlabs the same with Aeontec?

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Yes, Aeon Labs is the company, Aeotec is their zwave model line. And that’s the minimote. :sunglasses: