Keyless Z-Wave Lock with Mode to Always Stay Unlocked?

I am looking for a recommendation on a Keyless Z-Wave lock that has a Mode in which I cam make it always Unlocked. I will be renting my own home out as a vacation rental. I have five bedrooms and there is one bedroom in the house that I will use for storage unless there are above 10 guests.

I currently have a Yale Real Living Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt with Z-Wave on the front and back door. I most likely would prefer to purchase a lock from a different manufacturer as the guest will be given a code for the Yale front and back door locks, so using a different brand will help them to understand that they do not have access to this room.

I have a SmartThings Hub and I’m using a SmartApp from rboyapps called the “Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock” app. It allows me to remotely create guest codes which is necessary since many times I will be on vacation when I need to assign new codes to guests. I would like the new lock to also be compatible with the rboyapps app since it seems to work very well if anyone also uses rboyapps for their locks. I believe rboyapps does works with all the popular brands if you have a recommendation but do not use rboyapps.

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UK or US. The device selection is somewhat different. :sunglasses:

It is US…

You want it to remain unlocked at all times when some of your guests are staying in the room? What if one of them locks it when they’re in the room?

I would want a lock that’s difficult to lock. Having to program it to lock it with a sequence of buttons would be good enough even if the guest can figure out how to lock it, because it would be there fault for playing around with my lock. Wouldn’t want anything where one or two buttons could accidentally be pressed that would make it return to auto-lock mode.

I’m sorry, I don’t know of any lock that can do this programmatically. Schlage locks can be set to not autolock for a while, like while you’re unloading a car, but as soon as somebody turns the Turnbolt it’s back to autolock again. And you can only put it into autolock mode by physically manipulating the lock, you can’t do it with the network command.

@rboy might know of a model with that feature.

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I did email Yale today and they said the following so it does appear that auto-lock mode can be turned off permanently with their locks, however I’m looking for any other lock than a Yale lock because as mentioned I would not want to confuse guests if I am not allowing access to that room into thinking they should have access since the locks would look similar:

1.To enable autolock feature:-
Master code # 3 # 1 # 1 #

2.To disable autolock feature:-
Master code # 3 # 1 # 3 #

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Looking at product reviews of Kwikset locks on Amazon it does appear that they have an auto-lock mode that can be disabled. Can anyone with a Kwikset Z-Wave Keyless lock confirm this, and if so would it be difficult to re-enable auto-lock mode by accident by someone who is not familiar with the lock?

What about one of the Yale locks with physical push buttons instead of a touchscreen? It would have quite a different look.

I was trying to understand your ask, first if you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler you can turn on/off the autolock through the device page on ST mobile app. This works for all locks, in the US locks that currently support remote configuration of autolock are Schlage and Yale.

See the table for a comparison of features:

To @JDRoberts’s point, most deadlocks’ should be a good solution for you. The retain they autolock settings until you manually change them, like the Schlage BE469 if you’re looking for a non Yale solutions. The Assla Abloy series of the locks are great also, do check out the comparison table above for some options.

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Are you sure it’s that important to get a different lock than the ones you already have? Doesn’t the Yale keyless deadbolt do everything that you’re looking for?

On the Kwikset 914, the auto lock feature is controlled by a small jumper like switch under the back cover. Only takes a few minutes to change the setting (like changing batteries), but no way someone accidentally changes it. At the same time, you cannot change it programmatically either.

One other thought… While I understand that you might need to change the lock codes for the front and back doors remotely so that you can let a different set of guests in, you could consider going old-school for the storage room since presumably the only time it needs to be unlocked is when you yourself are there. Even if you were intending to rent that particular room, someone you trust has to physically go to the building and clear out the stuff that is stored there first, right?

So maybe just stick a plain old padlock on it. I’ve stayed in some vacation homes that have those. It makes it clear that guests don’t have access to that room, it doesn’t tempt them to keep trying it as they might with any combination lock, and when you don’t want the room locked, just take it off.

Just a thought. :sunglasses: