Kevo Plus Device Type (DTH Link in post 18)

I just changed the device handler lines of code given just above by @tweason and it works again!

This is a device handler I wish would stay working. I love this one! Thanks so much!

When the /user/remote_locks/command/lock.json is called to get the status of my lock I get an internal server error response. I suspect when you end up getting logged out you’re going to have the same error.

Now when I look at the response body after calling /signin and it says my recaptcha is invalid.

I never had any “invalid recaptcha” errors. I only had login errors. Over the past week, I have had the “jammed” problem a couple times, but when it was happening there were also problems with the mykevo website. So far other than the initial issues that started in July, my locks have been working pretty well. They have been automatically unlocking when my phone’s presence is detected and locking when I tell my google assistant to lock them through an IFTTT command. Have you changed your code in any way other than updating the URL?

I have not changed anything other than the lines of code I listed above and only by adding the WWW

Mine appears to have been working fine since then.

Good afternoon, I have installed the Device Handler and changed the URL to be the https:\ and I am still getting a status of “Jammed”, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

The “Jammed” status results whenever the device handler isn’t connecting to the website. I would start by double checking your log in credentials and Lock ID in the device preferences.

Is the lock IF the name of the lock?

I found it. I had the wrong ID m. Thank you very much!

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