Kevo Plus Device Type (DTH Link in post 18)

If you log in to the kevo site, they are asking for a captcha response now. I am thinking that is blocking the app from logging in.

Same problem here. Smartthings just says jammed. Appears to have started shortly after 5pm central 11/10/19.

Kevo adding captcha is probably the problem. Whenever the device handler doesn’t get a response from kevo, it defaults to “jammed.”

im getting the same thing (Jammed). I hope this can be fixed. What a great effort in making this DTH!

This is working right now and i have no idea how or why… weird…

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Yeah, weird, just started working for me again. Not sure what might be going on with

Yeah, no longer showing Jammed for me as well.

I just hope it keeps up…lol I wish there was a way for this DTH to somehow poll the locks to read their current state and update itself to show corrent data. That would be the icing on the cake!

DTH is showing “Jammed” for me again. Anyone else having the same issue?

Yes, mine shows Jammed as well.

Mine too. It was an awesome 10 days of automation… :frowning:

I ran the DTH Simulator and it is failing the login. Might have something to do with the CAPTCHA?

I think that is what was causing it to begin with which is why it was surprising to me that it began working at all.

I’m thinking this has been abandoned which is too bad as it’s a great DTH to have in the arsenal :frowning:

Hopefully, somebody knows how to add the code to check the box for the reCAPTCHA, if that is what the issue is. This is a great DTH.

Mine started working again on the 25th and is still working today. I did change the code a little when it wasn’t working to reflect for the url instead of the, but I would be surprised if that’s why it’s still working.


Thanks @gaduran3! Mine stopped working again like 4 days ago and adding www. to the url got it working again. I would admit that’s a weird one, but works for sure.


So this is in lines 203, 251, and 301 of the code of the device handler (not the app)

It works for me as well.

Apparently, they did not set it up properly, so the WWW is required.


Thanks for adding which lines. I’m new to SmartThings so it’s a bit of a struggle. My Kevo is working now!

Is this still working for people? As of this morning my /signin call has been returning a 422 http error

Still working here. Could you post your log, so everyone can see the errors?

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