Kensgrove II Smart Fan Question

I just installed a new 72” Kensgrove ll smart fan. It’s remote controlled. The controller can obviously turn the lights and fan on/off. It will dim the lights, and adjust to 4 different levels of brightness. This all works fine. It has has a breeze function that works. It’s supposed to be able to adjust the fan up to 6 speeds, but doesn’t.

I installed 4 other fans using an after market remote. I found that I had to use the pull chain on the fans to set it to high before I could change the speed with the remote.

I believe I could change the fan if there was a way to manually set it to high, but there is no pull chain for manual adjustment.

Anyone have any ideas about what the problem might be?

The Smartthings fan profile only has Off/Low/Medium/High/Max. If you want to utilize all 6 fan speeds, you likely need to use the fan makers app. That’s how it is with my Modern Forms and WAC fans.