Kenmore Smart Devices

Has anyone created a smart app to pass information from the Kenmore Smart applications? I have the Kenmore water softener with the Smart feature. The only reason I bought it was that it has a built in filtration system. The Smart wasn’t the appeal, but now that I’ve had it a few months I have to say it’s handy. It has a feature to device continuous water flow and alert your phone.

My thought is it would be nice to connect this app to SmartThings and use the water flow detector to engage my water shut off valves. It would have been handy while outt to dinner this evening when spawn #1didn’t jiggle the handle just before leaving and I didn’t notice the Kenmore notificarion until it had ran for ~40 minutes. At 2 gpm that’s a lot of waste!!!

I know that I have the option of adding a z-wave flow detector, but I’m not keen on cutting into the plumbing (again) and since I already have flow detection it’d be nice to not incur the additional expense.

I have something similar and am also looking at trying to find a DH for it. Mine is sat on my network so in theory it should be possible but need to find something similar to start with.

The Kenmore Smart sits on the network as well. A device handler would be perfect as I could use CoRE for the simple jobs I want to invoke based on continuous water flow.

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Seen that ST anything SA but don’t know how it works yet :thinking:

I have a Kenmore Water Flow Sensing Water Softener as well and would love to have SmartThings integration.