Keep me cozy II not correctly setting my thermostat

I have a honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U thermostat. I am using the Keep Me Cozy II app using a door sensor that is downstairs for the alternate temperature measurement. I have created three of these apps, one for each of my home states (home, away, night). The problem I am running into is, the home setting for AC is set to 76, the door sensor is showing 73, but the thermostat is showing 81 for both temp and setting. This is causing my AC to turn and off right every so often (it isn’t rapid, but that equal/border line behavior for the thermostat is causing the AC to turn on and off relatively frequently). This is not really the problem. The problem is the room is at 73 which is less than the setpoint of 76. My thermostat should be showing like a 2 degree difference (because 2 is what the app uses as a setting) where the temp is 2 degrees lower than the setting causing the air to be off.

Overall, this issue seems to pop up every so often, and it makes no sense because I have looked at the code. The calculation seems to be correct, but there are times where either the app is not triggering, it is not working correctly, or potentially it is not able to send commands to the thermostat. Overall, this last option seems unlikely, because i have a pollster app that sends a command to the thermostat every 10 minutes. And i can directly control the thermostat manually with my phone. Which leads me to believe something is locking up the app in some way.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I’ve seen the same problem a couple of times. I just stop it and start it again as a workaround. I believe the issue is the polling stops. As a workaround try the following:

Stop and start what? Also, I have pollster.

I think I am having the same issue as well. My subscribed temp sensor is reading 75 and The thermostat keeps getting set to 78, the same same temp that it currently reads on the temp sensor in the thermostat.

I finally have keep me cozy II operating and stable. I removed all scheduling from the honewell thermostat app/site. I rewrote parts of the honeywell device type for my thermostat. I have the 7 day wifi thermo so, I don’t think that part will help you out. I have pollster pinging the thermostat every 5 minutes. For the last three days, my thermostat has been off 30% more. Hope you get yours going too.