"Keep me Cozy" Code and issue?

(Oscar Calvo) #1

HI, where do I see the source code for “Keep me cozy II”?



(Oscar Calvo) #2

I you want to know why I want the code, see this: "Keep me cozy" does not save the "mode option"

(Morgan) #3

@XFighter Log into the IDE, and create a new Smart App. When you are creating it, go to From Template, and go down to the Keep Me Cozy II and there you are.

(Oscar Calvo) #4

I want to have 2 instances of “Keep me cozy”, one for Home|Night and another for Away mode.
However, when I save the app settings, the mode does not get saved.

Also, the name sometimes it saves, sometimes it does not. Its a hit and miss.

Anyone else running into this?



(Oscar Calvo) #5

Been talking with support. This seems to be an issue specific to WindowsPhone client.
I am going to try with an Android device, see if I can workaround the problem,