Keen vents, Hub or no hub?

No, couldn’t really get an answer from them on that. I know the website says Winter but when I bought them about a month ago I assumed that would be like December. I guess February is technically winter. What really sucks is that they charge you right away when you pre-order, so they’ve got quite a bit of my money for about 5 months for free.

Just an update, I was told a few days ago that it is actually going to be March now due to “high pre-order demand.” If there is one more delay I’m just cancelling. I have over $1,000 tied up in a product I can’t have yet.

so last week I got 3 of them. One of them eats a set of batteries in 24 hours and says the temp is either 32F or 400+F. emailed support Sunday, and have gotten nothing back. :frowning:

I had such hopes

Where did you get them from? Are they shipping some out already?

I got them at the local Lowes. Got the last ones.

Check this out:

Officially approved by Keen.

Keen is about to release an official integration with Ecobee3 using their sensors. No need to that app.

No need if you’re an Ecobee user…others here will still find it useful. :slight_smile:


My zoned heating/cooling smartapps allow to use any ST connected sensors (motion, temp, presence and even contact sensors) to control the vents (not only the limited ecobee’s remote sensors).

I’m in contact with Keen Home, and they won’t allow this kind of control.

BTW, the ecobee3’s remote motion capability is not meant to be used for real-time HA scenarios, so if you’re planning to use them for controlling the vents, it won’t work well. It’s an Ecobee API limitations, see

On top of it, my zoned heating/cooling solutions have a lot of features that no other smartapps can do:

  • Set your thermostat to Away or Present based on any ST connected sensors
  • Control your fan based on indoor sensors (temp differential between sensors)
  • Avg calculations based on any ST connected temp sensors to adjust the setpoints (like the follow me features of the ecobee3, but with the added concept of zones)
  • Alternative cooling
  • And much more…

So, I guess my smartapps are there to stay for a lot of ecobee (and Nest) users out there…

You can download my smartapps (now, not in 1 or 2 months) at my store:


Now the Keen website says shipping Spring 2017!

just got mine (2 vents) last week. Finally. This preordering is painful.

I still haven’t received mine. I feel your pain.

I am also part of the August pre-order still waiting on mine if that makes anyone feel better. I did just get some random fedex notice so I am hoping that is them shipping so I can get this finally in the works.

still waiting for my order :frowning:

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I am also still waiting. My patience is growing thin.

So, I emailed Keen a week ago to ask when the vents I ordered months ago will be delivered. I have still not received a reply.

This isn’t looking good.

Been waiting since November…keep waiting. At this rate If you get them by the end of summer I would be shocked.

wow, I feel bad for you all. I just go get mine at Lowes. I have 11 of them. Had a bad one, sent it in, they had a replacement back to me inside 2 weeks.

I wish I could get them at Lowes, the one near me said they never got any and cannot order any

I received an email from Keen yesterday. I was told I should receive my vents in June. :angry: