Keen Smartvent triggered by room multi sensors

So has anyone created a smartapp that will make zones by utilizing the Keen smartvent and individual room sensors? I have already installed the coding for my ecobee 3 thermostat but smartthings won’t allow it to stay connected cloud to cloud. Frustrating. So, I picked up a Keen smartvent and Im hoping that I can utilize a remote sensor to control the vent. Any ideas?

Yup, on my to do list…

@Mike_Maxwell you are the man! Donation coming your way in the future!

@corvetteii, I’ve already coded several smartapps that can interact with any ST connected temp & motion sensors and the smart vents:

(1) ScheduleTstatZones


(2) I recently created a simpler version of the smartapp called ScheduleRoomTempControl.

See the ST community wiki for more details (and specifically the configuration section):

So, you will have different options depending on your use cases & requirements.


P.S. I have tested them at my place with several ST connected temp & motion sensors and they work well.

EDIT: If you have issues with the ecobee3’s remote sensors, just try to use MyEcobee Device w/o the remote sensors exposed to ST for a while (i.e. uninstall ecobee3RemoteSensorInit). You can then verify whether or not the connection issues are more related to the remote sensors per se.

Hi @corvetteii ,

I made some changes today to MyEcobee device and ecobee3RemoteSensorInit that would hopefully reduce the number of connection & timeout exceptions

You may want to try the new beta versions at my github:

Let me know how it goes.

P.S. You’d need to copy and paste the code, save & publish.

EDIT. I still think that the ultimate resolution of those connection issues is still on the ST side, but this may alleviate some of the issues till then.

Thanks for replying, I uninstalled my ecobee3 device and the smartapps associated with it and installed your new code. Unfortunately my ecobee3 only stays connected for about 3-4 hours at a time. No remote sensor app installed.

I did hear back from ST today:
"Hello Adam,

My apologies for the delay in response. Have you always utilized custom Device Type and SmartApps with the Ecobee3 integration? We haven’t gotten very many reports of the official device type for the Ecobee causing problems, especially this specific issue. The official Ecobee device type hasn’t been fully certified yet for the Ecobee3 specifically, but the Ecobee3 uses the same platform as the previous Ecobee models, so we have seen it be very stable. Unfortunately the use of remote sensors is not yet officially supported.

I understand if the use of the remote sensors is something that you’re looking to integrate into SmartThings, but the use of the custom device type is what is likely causing the cloud-to-cloud issue you are seeing."

I think you can do it with Rule Machine, but also you can sort of do it with SmartLighting too


Hi @corvetteii,

I’m quite surprised by the answer you got from ST support as I’m actually in contact with @slagle about the connection issues and his answers are totally different from what you’re saying here.

See this thread and look for @slagle’s answers to my requests at the bottom of the thread:

I can ensure you that my custom Ecobee Device has been used by many ST users for months without any major issues. The connection issues that we’re all experiencing have peaked in the last 10 days for some reason that ST and ecobee need to investigate.

P.S. Anyway, you can use the code that best suits your needs and good luck!


If you have sensors in other rooms that are devices in smartthings and have temp parameters (i.e. open/close sensor, motion, etc) Rule Machine should be able to handle the vents.

@yvesracine I will try your ScheduleRoomTempControl as soon as my temp sensors arrive.

I got another reply from ST stating that there are other complaints about losing the cloud to cloud connection and the tech was going to confirm with the ST support team if these issues were only related to your code or not. Just for giggles, I installed the supported Ecobee device and am going to see if it loses its cloud to cloud or not.

I got 4 of these smartvents and I see it’s really nice quality. How is everyone who have one using it with them. I got their gateway too. It appears they can be used as range extenders too. Is anyone using it for that purpose.