Keen Smart Home Vents

not entirely sure, i’ve never had an issue with the minimotes, first thing I would do is exclude it, then repair it.

Following some testing that Keen Home executed with my smartapps in their own lab, they’ve decided to promote my work on their SmartThings landing page:

My zoned heating/cooling solutions are getting recognized! More to come soon!


Hi again,

At this time of the year, you may want to know the following;

  • My Zoned Heating/Cooling solutions (i.e. ScheduleTstatZones & ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapps) are now able to better handle the thermostat’s AUTO mode, which requires some special logic for controlling the vents properly.

Also, with the Advent Of Summer:

  • ScheduleTstatZones & ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule can also enable ‘free cooling’ using a Big Fan or an ‘evoporative cooler’ when the ideal outdoor temp & humidity are met. They use an internal temp/humidity table to do so.

For more details:!store/tc3yr.


I’m having a problem with my vents losing connection to the HUB again, I see the apps sending the correct commands to the units but nothing happens.

Is anyone else having communication issues, I have done the battery reset option but that does not seem to be clearing it, I am using the Keen HUB as a repeater (hoping it works of course as I can not get and diagnostics).



Hi, @Matthew1234 did you try to contact Keen Home support (

They may be able to help you.


Folks I just got updated vent covers and clips for my ceiling vents. If you have keen vents in the ceiling, reach out to keen home for free replacements.

Top is the old vent cover and bottom is the new cover with stronger magnets and clips that go over the vents to ensure they don’t fall down and hurt anyone

does Keen push firmware upgrades for the vents through ST ? or would i need to unpair the vent from ST, pair with a Keen hub, update and re-pair like the OSRAM bulbs ?


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AFAIK ST doesn’t currently support any OTA updates for devices. You would need to unpair/update/repair.

thanks… that’s what i figured… :frowning:

Correct, no ZigBee OTA updates at this time… yet.

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Does anyone know when or if Keen will start shipping non-rectangle vents? All my vents are square so I can’t really use them even though I would like to. Seems odd to only offer one shape in different sizes. You would imagine offering another shape would widely increase the consumer base :smiley:

No Z-wave OTA right now either.

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Do you know of any updates worth going through the trouble of pairing it to a Keen hub? I didn’t think about updates, until you mentioned.

They did adjust the algorithinms a bit. It was in their blog post about their hub update.

My smartapps are now officially approved by Keen Home:

They are available for download at my store:



Well done Yves. This has been working great for me and now ST has fixed the Lyric integration I am looking forward to seeing all the benefits again. Congratulations on the “seal of approval” from Keen.

Has anyone had issues just connecting the Keen to the ST hub? No matter how many times I reset it (press the reset button 5 times) or remove the batteries the sequence of lights is: 1 green (power on), 2 green (searching for hub), then 3 green (connected to hub). The ST app doesnt see it nor does the Keen show up in the IDE Device list. I tried both the device handler by jscgs350 and the stock. Do I need to exchange both my vents?

Was the vent already connected to the Keen hub? I had one vent I couldn’t seem to get connected to ST Hub until I removed it from the Keen hub. It happened to be my first vent so that is why it was paid with the Keen hub- before I got my ST hub.

I just bought the vents, brand new from Lowes. I cant find instructions to do a hard reset without having the Keen hub, which is ridiculous.

Edit: I give up. Im going to return it and wait for a better product. I even requested the ceiling mounting kit weeks ago, they said they will send it, but never did. I have the older version of the vent, so itll be a safety hazard too. Ugh…

Edit 2: Magically, I have Keen vents in my devices needing configuration. They are currently in my car ready to go back to the store tomorrow lol. They were able to join now.

for a facory reset, make sure you press the black button under the vents 5 times, wait for the LED to flash and then take the battery out

Go into ST and start a device discovery and then re-insert the battery. This would discover the device

i do see on occasion, ST does not show new device being discovered, but if you go back to your Things, there is a new device waiting to be configured…