Keen Smart Home Vents

@Mike_Maxwell appreciate an invite to your Beta as well

Not too happy with the Keen hub, which also keeps disconnecting. Have 8 Vents installed on the 1st level

Might as well get rid of a hub if its not needed and keep the radio conflicts at minimum


@Mike_Maxwell @SBDOBRESCU

I haven’t gotten my vents yet… I’m still working on the WAF for that, but I’m getting everything else in place.

I plan to use the iris contact sensors in each of the rooms for my temp readings. I currently have four of these using the smart sense device handler.

When I look at the history I see a very sporadic timing on temp reporting.

What are you guys sing to get a more consistent temp reporting?

I’m pretty sure Mike has already succeed this with his app, but I have seen it yet.

So, I’m very curious before I go forward.

For the WAF effect, I have to ensure these things work perfectly before purchase. The first time she walks into an over heated room or the baby wakes up in the arctic then the entire platform is out the window.


I set the minimum temp reporting threshold to .1 degree from the standard 1 degree on all my centralite motions, when doing that the minimum and maximum reporting intervals are less important.
After re joining them to set the configuration, you can revert to the stock device.

Is that in the code? For some reason I’m not grasping this today…Lol

I wish you could do this from a smart app against a stock device, but alas one must modify the device type configuration parameters, then reset it, and rejoin it to get the new configuration…

Hey I am doing a write up that you’ll probably find useful. Also, @Mike_Maxwell was generous to share the changes he has made to his device type and I can certainly help you out with yours when you’re ready (PM me). Is really not all that complicated.


Thanks, I’ll do that. I’m going to get some sensors today so I can start calibrating them.

Is it really not possible to create a “configure” tile that calls configure() in the device type to avoid having to remove and readd to the network? I’m not as familiar with Zigbee as I am Z-Wave and that is what I would do if creating a Z-Wave device type. The Z-Wave device (if not mains powered) would have to be “awake” to receive the commands and I’m not sure if the equivalent exists with Zigbee.

I’m really just curious and trying to help others avoid removing and readding if they don’t have too. Does anyone know the answer?

sure it’s simple to do when the device is awake, battery sensors typically sleep most of the time, so sending them commands when they aren’t listening has no effect.
They do wake up from time to time, and there is an excellent device type for a fibaro created by @CyrilPeponnet that synchronizes cached configuration changes to the device when it wakes up.
This is probably possible with zigbee sensors as well, but no one’s taken the time to build it in.
In the end it’s not a huge ordeal to change the device config, particularly with zigbee devices as they don’t have to be deleted from ST before hand.

Yep, I am a big fan of @CyrilPeponnet Fibaro device type and have used it as an inspiration for several Z-Wave device types I have created/modified. I actually have gathered a lot of Z-Wave device experience over the years. As for Zigbee, not so much, but I am actively studying it.

I just ran a few tests with some of my battery based Zigbee devices and it seems they are all awake and waiting for commands (I tested 3 different devices). This is very different from how Z-Wave devices act and can’t be good for battery life. I haven’t had Zigbee sensors long enough to compare, but I have Z-Wave devices that sleep that have lasted for years (and still reporting 80%+ battery life). Only time will tell I suppose. It does seem though that you can send configuration data to them at any time though.


Well there ya go, have at it my man!

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I can’t seem to find in this topic where I read about vent device type.

I just got my vents yesterday and I seem to recall being told not to set them as vents but dimmers. I think that requires me to make a new custom device.

Is that correct?



there is no vent device in ST, the vent device type in ST for the keens already has capability dimmer implemented.

I didn’t think the EcoVent’s could pair to ST? I thought you had to use their hub? When I looked at the specs of the vents they looked like they were using Z-Wave but they claimed it wasn’t compatible…

@Mike_Maxwell I have a 8 vent system right now and I found this thread in search of finding more control. Smartthings paired nicely but is so limited. Keen even sent me a free hub because I was so dissatisfied with the smartthings implementation (and purchased 8 vents through them), but I cannot even get their bridge to connect… long story short… I would LOVE to join your beta.

Smartthings has an implementation?, which implementation is that?
Anyway, you should get in invite shortly!

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Reading through your posts am I understanding correctly that in order to control Keen vents per room based on temperature, each room would need a separate temperature sensor from the vent? Ultimate goal is to create a zone like system where we can control the temperature per room. We have a honeywell z-wave tstat and 6 Keen Vents (plus a smartthings hub).

For better control, you need an external temperature sensor for each Keen zone (room) not for each vent.

Sweet, you’ve got yourself a free zigbee repeater!

I got a question on that topic. If I plug in teh Keen hub will it act as a repeater without adding it to the network ?