Keen Smart Home Vents

mine are floor based too. Get a jig saw and some ducts :slight_smile:

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That’s dangerous, because I just considered for a second if that was in fact feasible without a lot of effort. haha

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May I join you beta too. thanks

Just got my vents installed and running today. These are soo much better quality than the EcoNets.

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I had pre-ordered my Ecovent system and Sensi smart thermostat some time ago…I am expecting delivery tomorrow! They just starting shipping earlier this month(I had to delay mine because I was on extended travel…). Has anyone else installed this system and/or integrated it with smartthings?


Mr_Lucky, are you using ST to control it or their app?

Thanks to @bravenel’s timing of his thermostat functionality additions to Rule Machine, I’m able to control them via ST, using his app. I have a quite detailed rule with sub-rules that takes into account HVAC mode, and temp “window,” and opens the vents in the over-conditioned rooms when temp gets to within 1 degree F of setpoint. Only installed the vents yesterday, but so far, so good.

I think the Keen app is only intended for use with their hub, which I don’t own.

i got my Ecovent system last week. Having issues with the Sensi thermostat. Waiting for my Nest to come in so i can continue with the install…
their app wont let me continue with the install unless i have a Sensi or Nest

I will try paring their vent and sensors to ST and see if the hub can pair like the Keen Vent tonight…

I did the wrong thing of pre-ordering both systems, and unluckily both were shipped at the same time

Since i have 2 zones/HVAC systems, i have installed the Keen Vents on the lower level and waiting on a Nest thermostat to install the Ecovents on the upper level. This way i get to test both and if one works better than the other, just buy more of the other

fortunately i did not pay a lot (under $700) for each system (8 vents on each floor) and hopefully will recover most of it if/when i sell.

I rec’d the Keen Bridge today (along with a vent that I did not order), but it’s going back, because once I could look at their app, I don’t believe that it will work for my uses. Too bad - perhaps the Flair Puck will be more versatile.

dont look at their app look at @Mike_Maxwell his works very well so far

Tried to pair the EcoVent with both ST and Wink hubs. The hubs did not detect either the vent or the sensor

Had to use their app to configure and set thresholds.

Hope they publish an APi soon.

Well I installed my Ecovent system on Friday evening(exciting I know…)…I am having numerous issues let alone communication with trying to connect anything with my smartthings. Numerous communication errors with vents keep popping up and It seems like hub communication just stopped - causing me to wake up to a cold house - there was no indication or alerts. After a soft reset - overall communication has been restored but sporadic issues keep popping up. Tech support has informed me they know about this bug and a fix will be out in the second half of January. I wish they would have told me about this before my install…the issues doesn’t help with the wife support…

Pack them and ship them back and then go out and get Keen. Trust me, is worth it. @Mike_Maxwell’s soon to be public app gives you the ultimate control, if your vents are reliable and so far my Keen are :wink:

And, there are also other smartapps that can not only control any smart vents connected to ST, but also any thermostats, based on any temp/motion sensors to only heat/cool the occupied rooms based on some presence thresholds that you can define on a room by room basis.

Here are the smartapps:

1) ScheduleRoomTempControl

2) ScheduleTstatZones

3) ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (similar to ScheduleTstatZones, but specially designed
for ecobee thermostats)

The last 2 smartapps can reproduce the ecobee3’s follow me logic (averaging out the temperature based on occupied rooms and adjusting your setpoints accordingly), by using any ST connected temp & motion sensors. You can even define your own occupied thresholds on a room by room basis.

All the smartapps are available for download now at my store:!store/tc3yr

I ask for a modest contribution given the development & testing efforts.

EDIT: I was part of the Keen Home beta testing, and I can vouch that the smart vents are working as intended. I have experienced some minor issues in the past (ex. disconnections), but apart from that, it’s a sturdy product.


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I have 60 days for free return…I might give a little more time but I am seriously considering sending them back…it does not seem like a product that was ready to ship.


I’m would like to join your beta group. I have 10 vents and am not overly impressed with the standard ST integration or the Keen hub.

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You should get an invite by the time you read this, I would also like to talk to about what keen implemented or didn’t implement, welcome in!
Read the first post, links to the current version are a few posts down, then join the conversations.


I’d also like to participate in the Beta. I’ve got three vents installed, currently using Rule Machine for different rooms:

  • Shop. No return duct. Keep temp at 50F minimum.
  • Master BR. Close main duct 12 hrs/day.
  • Master Bath. Register in ceiling, needs to be wide open initially to blast warm air down to the floor. Door open/closed is a big factor.

@David_Forsthoffer I have similar issues… Waiting for the bug fixes… luckily the house did not get too cold… Could be because im using a Nest thermostat and not the Sensi