Keen Smart Home Vents

I got a response from tech support who has actually been quite good, I will snip some of the info from them and paste here in case anyone else has this problem. I still have not had time to test the solution but I am hoping to this weekend;

Hey Matthew, I’ve been looking into it, and it looks like SmartThings is installing the incorrect Device Handler for our Smart Vent. I have no idea why this is the case, and I’m waiting to hear back from SmartThings about it. You may want to ping their support. If you know how to use the SmartThings developer platform, you can manually create your own Device Handler with the correct code:

If it is still showing jammed, I think the following will work:

Power cycle the vent
Move the vent to 50% by hand
Remove the vent from Smart Things
Press the Smart Vent button 5 times in quick succession to drop it from the network
Add the device back to SmartThings

So I’m going to try it and see if it corrects the problem.



FYI, I just reviewed the device code in the above link, with the stock device code, the only differences being that in the new device type all the configuration parameters that usually get set at device joining (or by clicking configure) are now commented out.
So to be honest, I’m at a loss as to how this is going to resolve the vent jamming issue you see…


Well, I don’t know why it worked but once I used their custom device it cleared right away.

I didn’t even have top do any of those extra steps.




I tried to connect my Keen hub as a repeater but Smartthings just sees it as an unknown device.

Has anyone had success with this or created a Custom Device for it?



That’s the best you can hope for.
It will show as a thing, nothing else needs to be done apparently.
Will it work as a repeater?, it should but who actually knows.


Had the same question…check this thread

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I received a response from Will at Keen, he said he’d have a software engineer take a look at creating a device handler for their Smart Bridge. Probably take a few weeks? Can’t imagine it’d be that hard to do, not much to it since it’s not really a “device” that you do anything with, merely a repeater that’s part of the network. Might be able to get signal strength and polling data from it, but that’s about it.

The other question is - does it just repeat Zigbee HA or does it also repeat Zigbee LL? (Home Automation vs. Light Link for Zigbee based bulbs.)


I have 10 of these installed in my home. All of them are doing this. I just finished resetting all of them once again. My serials are 20151xx for reference.

I am trying to do the same to with a Hue A19 white bulb hooked up ZHA direct to ST now. Just wondering how to force vents to now connect through bulb as repeater.

Mine are actually acting fine once I went to the code that keen provided

I had the same issue happen once on each of my 2 vents in first day. I am going to install the new device handler you reference to see if that fixes. Also can you guys please add a configure section to the device handler and let’s us set the polling rate for temp and pressure? I was trying Yeves device handler just for that feature as a 5 minute rate is fine for what I need. Using Mike’s code to open up basement zone when we are down there or fully close when we are not.

So I just measured the vents I want to change (without taking the plate off) and I have two different sizes that are measuring as:

9.5" x 11.5"
9.5" x 13.5"

Looking at Keens vent sizes they have 6x10 and 6x12… I’m thinking:

9.5x11.5 = 6x10
9.5x13.5 = 6x12

I figure they are fairly standard sizes but am I way off? Should I take the plates off and measure properly?

Well, yes, you should. But if it helps,I measured my vents and they are 7.5x13.5, and when I took them off just to be certain of the size, the opening was 6x12. So i appears like the standard metal vent cover is 1.5 inches oversized.

If yours is 9.5 inches on one side, that would seem to imply an 8 inch opening, not a six inch. YMMV, of course. If it was me, I would measure before I plunked down a credit card, if only to avoid the return hassle.

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Yep, good point. I was thinking it was 1.5" over as well so you’ve confirmed my fear. I’ll measure them.

Before I had read up on it, I didn’t realize there were two protocols on the same radio (ZHA vs. ZLL) and bought a couple of the Cree Connected bulbs at Home Depot. Seems like the manufacturers don’t want to reveal which protocol they’re using (though I supposed it should be obvious.)

If they are using normal Zigbee even if their configured ZLL, you should be able to reset with Lutron Connected bulb remote and connect ZHA to ST hub. It was fairly easy with Hue although you have to have the right device handler installed.

Greetings everyone. First post.

I’ve been wanting a solution for my house, as it has an odd layout, with a backsplit addition from the 1970s, and only 1 thermostat. So the house was often uneven.

When I saw the Shark Tank pitch I called my wife down and told her they had exactly what we needed.

I jumped in with both feet and ordered enough vents for my entire house… 25 of them.

I received them a month or so ago, with the Keen hub, and the potential was there but the execution of the hub and their software left them next to unusable.

After discovering this thread, I decided to make a last ditch effort of trying out SmartThings to see if that would solve my problems. I ordered a hub plus 5 temp sensors.

The great news is, they synced real easy, have stayed synced, and using Rule Machine (for now), I’ve been able to create some starter automation rules.

So I’m cautiously optimistic this will work out for me.

It’s possible the keen hubs and software will mature with time, but right now they can’t compete with ST. Fortunately ST gives you the best of both worlds.

I’ll update on my progress.

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This is what you need…

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