Keen connections unreliable? Tried several DTHs


First, ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (part of MyEcobee bundle) is more appropriate for ecobee tstats. I understand that you’re reusing the same config as the one you had for the Nest, but there are more features in ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (and the vents adjustment will follow the ecobee schedules instead of the less reliable ST scheduling).

See my thread that explains the different zoning smartapps here:

In order to avoid too many vent adjustments, just make sure of the following:

  • Get the latest version (which works in the new app) of the Keen Vent DTH’s here

  • A single vent should not be part of 2 rooms (under RoomSetup>VentSettings). If a vent is part of 2 rooms, chances are that they will be conflicting setLevel commands that will be sent to the vent, hence more vent adjustments;

  • A single room should not be part of many zones. If a room is part of 2 different zones, chances are that there may be conflicts between the 2 zones, hence more vent adjustments;

  • A single zone should not be part of many concurrent running schedules. If a zone is part of 2 running schedules, then there may be conflict between the 2 schedules, hence more vent adjustments;

  • Make sure that the 5-minute adjustment setting is not set in ScheduleSetup>VentSettings for all your schedules. By default, the vents are only adjusted when the master tstat’s thermostatOperatingState is ‘cooling/heating/fan only’;

  • In GeneralSetup, as you have many connected vents, you can set the Safeguard’s Minimum Vent Level to the same value (ex. 15-20%) for both in-zone and out-zone settings. That way, the smartapp will not adjust the minimum value in both cases.

Finally, since v8.8, my zoning smartapps will not adjust the vent level if the target level is within +/- 5% of the current level reported by the vents. So, this is another optimization that has been done to avoid too many vent adjustments.

So, my contributors have to make sure to install the latest zoning smartapp’s release in order to leverage all features & recommendations.

P.S. I have had 16 connected Keen Home vents since 2015, and I have changed the batteries only twice. I use the Duracell batteries as shipped originally.

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