Kasa switches and outlets

(Dave Gutheinz) #9

Thanks for the kind words.

I have added the product to this new product to the Service Manager as a LB130-type device. The updated service manager is now at the link. This should work (however, I have not explicitly tested.

To update, just replace the file contents on the IDE then publish and run the Service Manager.

From you, I need confirmation if it works. If not, I will need more help from you on getting data I can use to update the Service Manager (This is unlikely).

Others - Have an unsupported TP-link bulb, plug, or switch. contact me. I can add and get your confirmation.!

(Dave Gutheinz) #10

Thanks for the assist. LOVE the ranch!

(Karoline Altman) #11

I’m a bit slow (more than a bit!) but getting back to this, and I realized I screwed up a step the first time - as in - I didn’t install the Cloud_TPLink_Unofficial_Groovy first. So I am trying to do that, but I don’t know how to “select my location” - when I click on “locations”, I see home… but nothing about how to select it. I can view the already existing Smart Apps and delete them, but there is no button under that sub window to create a smart app. So when I tried to create the unofficial Groovy file it shows published, but doesn’t list a location. So I deleted it/figure I need to try it again, but I can’t figure out how to select my location…? Am I missing something obvious?

(And Happy almost Thanksgiving to you & yours!)


(Dave Gutheinz) #12

Welcome to the quagmire and Happy Thanksgiving. A year ago, I was at the same place (more unsure of myself than slow which is probably true for you.

I just answered this yesterday on the main thread, so easy here (copy/paste).

To select a location, you do the following (each time you log on:

a. Log onto the IDE

b. Select the tab “My Locations” It will look similar to the below (your name instead of mine).

Name Events Notifications Devices Installed SmartApps
DGutheinz events notifications devices smartapps

c. Select the location name (for me “DGutheinz”) (i.e., click on the name)

This will cause the a new page with the location name at the top (I.e., “DGutheinz”). You have now selected your location. This is what is meant by selecting a location (some users have multiple locations (i.e, their house and their parents house) that they manage, therefore the necessity.

After you do this, follow the instructions carefully.

good luck and keep in touch if you have problems. Slow response, but we will get there!

(Daniel Siegel) #13

I also have some TP-Link HS-200 WiFi switches that I would love to integrate with SmartThings.
Does your Cloud solution support 2-way communication? In other words, can I see the status of the HS-200 switches in my SmartThings App, as well as control those switches?

(Dave Gutheinz) #14

Yes. The design uses data from the bulb (through the cloud) to update the state after a command is sent. Additionally, there is a refresh of the data every 5minutes to 1 hour (user selected) to poll for the current status (in case someone manually uses the Kasa app or the switch itself plus there is a refresh button that can be pressed by the user at any time.

(Daniel Siegel) #15

That sounds great. I will give it a try.

(Dave Gutheinz) #16

Do not hesitate to ask if you have problems.

(Derek) #17

+1 for Dave’s TP-Link Bulbs and Plugs Control

I’ve been using this for months with 1 smart plug mini, 13 smart plugs, and 1 smart switch without issue. I have noticed if anything goes awry it usually is fixed if you go into the KASA app on your mobile device, select settings, firmware update, and make sure you keep your devices up to date. Can’t thank you enough for the work and documentation Dave.

(Bob Crain) #18

Fantastic work, really appreciate it!

(Joe) #19

I completed the install of the IDE yet my devices show as ‘Waiting’.
What did I possible miss to cause this?

(Tyler Durden) #20

Is remote control enabled on each of your devices in the kasa app? Did you update firmware in the kasa app? Did you perform all these steps in the read.me?

(Joe) #21

Tyler, I found my issue.

I pasted the wrong thing in the service manager code area. Now its working, thanks!

(Dave Gutheinz) #22

Thanks, Tyler

(deadlyapp@gmail.com) #23

Thanks for your work on this - just did it without any issues (took about 2 minutes) other than a minor “You are not authorized to perform this function” on the install, but which doesn’t seem to have meant anything.

(Joey) #24

David any chance of adding the New TP Link HS 300 Surge protector power strip?? Thanks.

(Dave Gutheinz) #25

I do not have the technical details. Would love to add.

Have you tried to install? If so, can you identify the plugs that are identified during the install process (will probably fail after this step). This will help me in identify if the plugs are independent WiFi entities or a single WiFi entity. May be as simple as adding a line to the Connect app.


(Joey) #26

Hi david thanks for quick response. Yes when I try and add devices it shows the power strip but when I hit save I get an error message. In the app you created it does show it as one device but the strip itself has 6 individual plugs ! I attached some photos for you


(Dave Gutheinz) #27

Sadly, it is a different command structure (may be same commands, but different packaging) that I do not currently know. I will not be able to get to until after the first of the year. Will revisit then. Please remind me.


(Dave Gutheinz) #28

TP-Link / Kasa Bulbs and Plugs Control now supports the new SmartThings phone application.

Update instructions:
A. Replace the device handlers with the new ones from the link below.
B. In the CLASSIC App, exercise each device (run a refresh).
C. Go to the NEW App and see if you can control the devices.
D. If not, Remove the devices using the IDE. DO NOT remove the Smart App. Then re-install using either the New or Classic App.
Note: To delete individual devices, you will have to use the My Devices page on the IDE or the CLASSIC app. The new app can not delete.

HUB Version

Cloud Version