KASA Devices keep going OFFLINE

KASA devices keep going OFFLINE through the TP-Link | Kasa Smart linked service
When I run OFFLINE diagnostics everything checks out OK , except Cloud services… Then after further diagnostic test, it fixes the cloud problem. It’s very annoying and causes problems to my automations. Is this a known problem ? and can anything be done to fix it.
I’m using a SAMSUNG V3 Hub.

I also have TAPO Energy management plugs which report in LIFE ENERGY , but the KASA Energy Management plugs don’t … Is this also fixable ?

If you have a ST hub, you could try using @BarryA 's Edge Driver for your Kasa devices. It eliminates the cloud and includes power and energy monitoring.

I’m trying BarryA’s Driver … but I’m not too impressed… It doesn’t seem to support individual plugs on a multi plug strip and the energy monitor doesn’t work with LIFE (as the TAPO service) and the kWh figures are incorrect.
I’ll give it few days testing…But I’d prefer the Cloud based service to work properly.

Are you using his beta channel? I’m using it on several HS105s and one KP303 and it’s been perfect so far. I don’t use the energy reporting so I have no idea about that and I had to use some mirrored virtual devices for the individual KP303 plugs, but otherwise I think it works really well.

If you do stick with the cloud to cloud option, I found my devices would go offline if I didn’t turn them on at least every couple months. Toggling them once a month kept mine from going offline over and over. This hasn’t been a problem since switching to the driver.

I have been using Barry’s drivers for nearly a year and they work well. I don’t have any off line problems.

I don’t have any Kasa power strips so I am not sure how they work. I would think you could use @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's “Virtual Mirror Switches” to get better control of the individual switches on the power strip.

Other than Samsung Appliances, most energy monitoring devices don’t work in the Life section.

No , I’m using the invitation from Pauls post … Having read the other thread , I think you’re right , the support for KP303s is in the Beta version.
I’m happy to ditch the cloud if it works :slight_smile:

Tried the Beta version and still have no visibility of the KP303 plugs

This is how TAPO devices appear in LIFE ENERGY