Just wanted to say thanks

(Richard G) #1

A lot of people in this community have been giving me a ton of info and assistance even before I even ordered my hub.

I now have my Hue, Sonos, Insteon and Zwave devices all working.

Other than missing a few features my Revolv had I am ecstatic at the speeds in comparison to the Revolv hub.

I need to learn coding so i can contribute to the community, I have made a slight variation of the Gentle Wake up SmartApp… I noticed you can’t have 2 instances of the same SmartApp. So I opened it up, made a few color changes and then saved it with a new name.

Other than me making a few coding errors its working great now.

Again I appreciate all your help.

My wishlist going forward:
Sonos: Ability to have favorite stations show in the app
Hue: Save preset hex colors
Insteon: Local dimming

(Tim Slagle) #2

Welcome Richard! Glad to have ya here!

(Keith Croshaw) #3

Best of luck, welcome! Try your damndest then ask for help, if I have a clue I’ll chime in. Although based on your wishlist I won’t…

(Matt) #4

The community is the best part of ST. Most of my setup wouldn’t be possible w/out the community and the open platform ST provides.