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Just purchased, few questions: Harmony all off? Hue motion sensor? Temperature as "if"?


I wonder if someone can help. I have just purchased the smartthings starter kit and set it up. I have a few questions. I mainly got it as i want to automate some lights and switches.

One thing i want to do is automate a socket depending on temperature. I thought this woul be part of the capibility of the multi sensor as it has temperature listed as one of its options. I cant seem to find how to trigger a routine from this. Can anyone help?

i have a couple of hue motion sensors but it also doesn’t have an option to add these. Any ideas?

I also have a harmony hub and was hoping to connect this to smartthings so i can set up a routine ‘all off’ when i leave the house with the presence sensor but i cant seem to find that functionality either.



Welcome! :sunglasses:

In the future, create one thread for each of your questions and put the device you were asking about in the topic thread and you will get a lot more answers.

One of the advantages of SmartThings is that it it can be made to work with so many different devices and integrations . But for exactly that reason, a lot of people will just skip past anything which doesn’t have a topic title that seems of specific interest to them. For example, the people who have a Harmony, may not have the Hue motion sensor, etc.

As far as triggering off of temperature, there is a “virtual thermostat” smartapp in the marketplace that will probably do what you want, but since I myself can’t use the app at the present time, I will leave that to someone else to walk you through.

For the Hue motion sensor, the short answer is that it doesn’t officially work with SmartThings. The longer answer is that there are some community members who have created custom code that may do what you want, but it has some limitations. So hopefully someone using one of those integrations will reply.

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Automating an outlet based on temperature:

Check out webCoRE… probably the easiest way to achieve your needs (and much much more) but the initial setup can be a bit overwhelming for a new user.

I’ve created two videos for webCoRE to guide people along. One is a general into to the smartapp and the other is an install walkthrough.


Once installed you can setup a simple piston (automation) such as:

temperature is greater than X
turn on outlet
turn off outlet

It could be vastly more complex than that if needed, with restrictions / conditions / triggers, based on the time of day, day of the week, people present, other device states, SmartThings mode etc etc… but start off simple.

For guidance, there is a very active community built specifically for webCoRE. Users on there will gladly post example pistons based on your brief, which you can import straight into your account with very little effort.

Hue motion sensors

Sorry… I don’t have any experience with those

Harmony setup

  • Go to the Marketplace page in the Smartthings app (market stall icon at bottom of screen)
  • Go to the ‘Things’ tab
  • Scroll down to and press ‘Remotes and Buttons’
  • Press the Harmony option and you’ll be guided through the process.

I reccomend you have all your Harmony activities setup before integrating with ST as it adds a new device button to your things list for each activity… you can add more in the future but it’s easier to have the majority setup first.


The Hue Motion sensors will self discover if you put them into pairing mode.

However - The Hue Motion Sensors cannot exist at the same time in SmartThings and the Hue Bridge. It’s one or the other. If you already have them in your Hue Bridge, all you have to do is put the Motion Sensor into pairing mode and then press on the + from Things in ST and it will find the Hue Motion Sensors. After you have done that, you will see that they are no longer available for the Hue Bridge. They we’re perfectly fine with ST. I have had no issues with mine.


Which DTH are you using for the Hue motion sensors? Do they automatically Discover? (They didn’t used to, they used to just pair as a “thing,” but that may have changed. )


It’s been many many months since I had added them, but you might be right.

Technically it kind of self discovers in that it does get added as a Thing, but as for the DTH, I must have gone in after the fact and added the “Hue Motion Sensor” Device Handler. It’s possible I already had the Device Handler installed previously. Dunno, I’m getting old. :exploding_head:

Anyway, here is the DTH to use with the Hue Motion Sensor:


Wow wow and wow. Thank you all for the responses. I wasn’t expecting that!

I have successfully added my harmony routines.
Is there a way they can appear in alexa as a ‘device’ rather than a ‘scene’ as this way i will be able to direct control it rather than saying ‘alexa ask harmony to’. I currently have a work around with Yonomi but would be good to have everything through smartthings.

Thank you for the help with the hue sensors. I was thinking that I wouldn’t really need my hue hub now but realised that i had a couple of switches.
Saying that I just unplugged my hue hub from the router and the switches still worked. Is this because they have already been bonded to those particular lights? If so i will deconnect the hue hub and only connect it to make the changes (at the moment when I discover devices in alexa everything is duplicated as it finds it in hue and smartthings) unles there are any benefits to having both?
Also how do i go about inputting the DTH and what is that, sorry for the rookie question but seen it referanced to quite a lot in the forums.

I will def check out WebCoRE as that seems right up my street. I have set the presence sensor to turn certain things on when I arrive home but would only want it to turn on the devices if it were between a certain timeframe, i assume you can do that within its more diverse options?

Another question on the presence sensors. Say my wife and i have one and when we leave everything is set to turn off (tried today and is great) but what happens if my father comes to my house with my daughter and we are both still out. When he starts turning things on will the system see we are still away and keep turning it off or is it a one time command when we both leave.
Similarly if i got home and certain things turned on which i subsequently turn off, whe my wife arrives home does that mean they will turn back on again or will the system know i am already home and it has already carried out that command.

Oh sorry one more question. The motion sensor that came with my starter pack doesn’t seem to be working. Pulled the tab out but nothing happened. Followed the other steps, took out battery and held the reset button but no light comes on like it says it should. Any ideas?

Thank you all once again


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They DO appear in Alexa as a device, not a scene.

You might need to ask Alexa to ‘find devices’ so she syncs with the new device tiles the Harmony integration created… then you don’t need to say ‘ask harmony’…

I have a Harmony routine called TV… Alaexa sees the ‘TV’ device so I can simply say, ‘Alexa, turn on the TV’.


That’s really strange. I have a few times and they always appear as a scene. I have taken a screen shot.
Also the routines I have set up in ST appear as a scene.


If you have the Hue “Bridge”, use it. If you try to add / remove bulbs directly into ST (without the bridge), you will most likely find yourself having issues in the future.

The Hue Motion Sensors are a slightly different animal. If you put them into pairing mode and let ST discover them, they will then be broken / removed from the Hue Bridge / Application (nothing extra you have to do here).

To add the Device Handler to your Hue Motion Sensors in Smartthings, you need to do the following:

  1. Login to

  2. Select Device Handlers

  3. Create New Device Handler

  4. From Code

  5. Copy / Paste the code from my post above for the GitHub Device Handler

  6. Click Create / Save Publish / For Me

  7. Now select Devices

  8. Find your Hue Motion Sensor

  9. Click Edit

  10. Select type and scroll down the list toward the bottom until you find the Device Handler you just created “Hue Motion Sensor” and select it.

  11. Press Update

Your device(s) should now work.

(Robin) #11

Interesting, just double checked and they are showing in my Alexa app as scenes as well lol… must have been a recent software update as they never used to be like that.

Anyway, hasn’t changed the words I use to activate my activities… Just say, “Alexa, turn on X”… though in your case your activity is a bit of a mouth full lol… maybe rename it to something that just uses the one word.


Just tried that and disabled the yonomi one and all I get now is ‘that device is disabled…’.
Even tried re naming the disabled yonomi one and still the same. What a pain. I think I will need to start alexa from scratch at some point without yonomi.

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I’d say try something like


But I’ve had snow today and I’m getting zeros :frowning:

Play with some of these:


I’m not sure this is for this thread! Lol

Any idea on the presence sensor questions?

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You’d be right haha… that’s what happens when my 4 year old “wants something NOW!”… now to find where that was meant to be lol!

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Yup… if you can think of a condition / trigger / restriction it can probably be built into a webCoRE piston.

If this and that but not that or this and this, but only now or between then and then, when she is home and he is away and that light has been on for over and hour etc etc…

As well as time of day, who else is home etc., my pistons also check the previousAge of the triggering presence device to ensure its not a false trigger.

WebCoRE also has its own presence app for iOS and Android which can report on 10 different locations, speed and direction of travel, altitude, distance from each location and a ton of other things… so you can get creative. :crazy_face:

(Robin) #17

You just need to build the logic into webCoRE, bit by bit.

Actions triggered by a departure generally only trigger the once… but you could also build the piston to trigger at regular intervals.

Personally I have my lights go into ‘pretend someone’s home’ mode so they randomly toggle at random time intervals, whilst it’s dark and we are all out. I also have Smart Home Monitor active with siren on standby, so all hell would break out if someone popped round.

If I had a family member who wants access I would give them an arrival sensor, ST mobile presence, webCoRE mobile presence or even Action Tiles, so they can disable SHM and make their presence known to the home.

In regards to the arrival triggers, you could avoid it firing for a second arrival by using SHM status as a condition (or use regular ST modes)

any of x y or z’s presence CHANGES TO present
SHM is armed
Turn on lights
send welcome home SMS
set SHM to disarmed

So the first arrival will disarm SHM, subsequent arrivals will not trigger the piston as the ‘SHM is armed’ condition is now false.

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Lots of info on this post! I also just ordered s a ST starter kit & already own Hue starter kit & harmony…

I want to add switches & dimmers, that’s why I finally pulled trigger on st hub. Currently I control my Hue & Harmony w/ Alexa with no issues.

I’ll watch the videos posted above later today, but So WebCore is basically like a beefy version of IFFT?