Just Migrated a Location - Samsung Smartcam pro hd DOA

Just migrated a location, it has thermostats and door switch and camera watching door in classic when door opened it sent notification and video clip, I cant find where in new app how to do this ?
Any help would be appreciated all switches and camera are Samsung devices

Which model camera?

Samsung Smartcam pro hd

Sorry to tell you that it’s not supported anymore. I use to have one of those cameras, and when I removed it from ST one day I couldn’t add it back because they dropped support for it. Yay, right?

Especially as its 1 of theirs, story of my life are the arlo versions supported

Yup, another reason why I resent being forced to migrate, I have 2 Samsung cameras that will die when I switch over from the perfectly functioning Classic app, to the inferior shambles of the ‘new’ app…

… and don’t get me started on how they’ve also butchered their perfectly functioning Alexa skill and are about to impose another forced migration into an equally shambolic ‘upgrade’

This is a disaster for Samsung in so many ways… The timing of all of these things happening is just awful, people have enough going on right now than to have to worry about their smart homes collapsing too. COVID should’ve really push back these plans and given the Devs time to create much better migration experiences etc.

So disappointing…

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