Just got my Smartthings hub! Linear dimmer no possible instant ramp?

So after google home announced it would have Smartthings support, I went out and got a hub for a great price used. (30$) its a 2.0 and I’ve got it installed and finally figured out the app… sorta… (Its so badly implemented… I had my linear aux controlling the main, then 5 minutes later it stopped working and the ‘rule’ or whatever I had set up was no longer in the app… how do you guys function with this thing!!!

Anyways… Originally someone had said when I got my smartthings hub, I would be able to make my Linear WD500Z-1 Z-Wave 500-Watt Wall-Mount Dimmer Switch work like an instant on switch when I simply pressed up or down once… but I’ve searched in here and on google and now i’m seeing its impossible? And I should have just bought a regular on off Z-wave switch?! Is that right? There’s no way to over-ride the slow ramp up/down functionality? I like the idea of being able to dim, but common, I want the light to hit that level right as I turn on it… There’s no way?!

Also is there any recommendations for a simple on/off (no ramp!!)’ switch with Z wave cabaility, does not not need 3 way or anything like that… Just want to install another switch to control my porch light automatically at different times of the day and not looking for super best top quality, just inexpensive that works.

anyways i’m super excited for google home (pre-ordered mine the day it was announced, no thanks alexa!) and i’m hoping it integrates well…

Another question I had, is it still possible to have the Linear aux switch control the Linear main switch with direction association then have only the linear main switch assigned to the hub? It feels silly to have BOTH switches assigned to the hub then create a rule for the main switch to turn on when the aux switch is activated…

Also is there some kind of advanced computer app I can use to control my hub? The android app is just… not good… bleh.