Just got a push message to my iPhone telling me to try the new App

What version is the ‘classic’ app?

It’s newer than the ‘classic’ app I’m running. Presumably if there is a ‘new’ app that is different than the ‘classic’ app, and the ‘classic’ app is an update of an existing app, then the older version is also ‘classic’??


I’m not using either the new Samsung app, or the ‘classic’ app that is now on the App Store.

Ya they just relabeled it Glen.

The old ST app that we have all been using is now just simply called SmartThings Classic.

Current version is 2.15.1

Maybe that’s why it’s not working . Update your app. :smiley:
There are only 2 apps…SmartThings = SmartThings Classic and NEW SmartThings = Samsung Connect.

Maybe you mean to say new VERSION instead of new app?

Current version, by multiple accounts, is working less well than the version I’m on.

I just wanna be sure that, this being the case, I’m not gonna be forced to 2.15.1 when my 2.13.0 seems to work better.

What? Who says the current version isn’t working better?

Yep, I hear ya. But the functionality issues this last month have mostly been from the cloud itself, not so much the app. The app functions exactly the same way.

And you know how they do things. It’s possible that they change things so that backwards compatibility breaks your 2.13 :smile:

If your stable it’s all good, but I dont think you have any worries with updating the app. I would be more worried about firmware at this point.

I see posts from folks who updated to ‘classic’ saying stuff like their app is crashing when they try to access a device. Such as denon.

Mine is not crashing in that situation.
By definition, an app that is not crashing is working better than one that is crashing.

Can you link to one of those posts? I just did a search and cannot see anything.

I apologize, it’s not the Bravia but the Denon. Will edit my previous post.

Look at the posts from thedude101 and dpdurst

If you are working, I would just leave it alone until it does break. Keep Auto updates off. And definitely leave the new app alone as well. Don’t install, don’t update, don’t run it.

They aren’t adding much to current/Classic app anymore as they ramp up to complete the new one, whenever that might be.

That’s about the new app…Samsung Connect. Not everyone else is going by your naming convention, that’s why I tried to correct you.

Then perhaps you should have read what I posted, and noted that I was making a distinction between the new Samsung app, the new classic app (which is what I called it when you presumed to correct me), and older versions of the app befor presuming to ‘correct’ me. I referenced “New classic” as a different entity than the “new app”. Thought that was crystal-clear, but apparently not… tell ya what. Tell me exactly how you believe I should reference the three entities, and i’ll Do it so as to avoid confusing everyone.

New Samsung app = ???
Classic app = ???
Un-updated ST app = ???

Anyway, this is all reminding me of the whole Coca Cola fiasco a couple decades ago.
New coke came out.
That had market problems, so they re-released ‘classic’ coke.
If you had an old can of coke with neither label on it, what exactly was it?

Coke, v 2.13.0?? :grin:

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But there is no new classic app.

The old SmartThings app was renamed SmartThings classic starting with version 2.15. You essentially do have the SmartThings classic app, it’s just an older version of it.

Samsung connect app became the new SmartThings app.

The old SmartThings app became SmartThings classic.

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But the post you linked to was talking about Samsung Connect. So, what is your problem with updating to the new VERSION of the classic app?

There was a post below that one, which seems to suggest there was an issue with the classic app too. But I believe we’re on the same page that it’s not a new app, it’s a new version of an old app with a new name.

If you want to believe that one person’s broken English, then go right ahead. But when I read “As well I installed the classic app…” You wouldn’t have to install the classic app…it will just be there. Automatically. But if you don’t want to upgrade, you don’t have to…yet.

Well, if we’re going to nitpick, then you are misquoting that person. He said he installed in the classic app. I took that took to mean he installed the device handler that was the focus of that thread in the classic app. And since ST breaks stuff with mobile app version upgrades all the time, that seems entirely plausible to me.

One person has reported the problem. And what was updated in the last version of the app that would affect this one device and no others? Nothing. Like I said, don’t update. But eventually you’ll have to.

Here’s where I get confused. I want to continue using the classic app (on iPhone) as long as possible. But I am wondering if it is advisable to go ahead update my account. If I update my account to the new type can I continue to use the classic app?

@XL5 Yes, when you migrate to the Samsung account, you can use both the Classic app (recommended) and the new Samsung Connect app.