Just a basic question - TV related

Ok, so, just starting out here, and I feel like I am missing a couple simple concepts. Can you confirm and help me out?

Step 1: I get a SmartThings Hub, set it up and configure it.
Step 2: I use the SmartThings App and I pair up some LightBulbs and my Front door lock with the proper hardware.
Step 3 : And this is where I am confused - I want to be able to turn on and off my TV using the SmartThings app on my iPhone. What do I need to make this work? TV is infrared only. Same with the stereo, IR only. Off / On / Volume using the Smart things App.

I keep seeing things about the Harmony, but I don’t understand how that fits. The PR says the Harmony can control my lights, I want to use SmartThings for that, and I want to use SmartThings to make my TV smart.

Help Please

Sadly the PR is not correct yet, although it is my understanding that a Beta is out there which is working for some, and for others not so much. When Logitech originally released their device it was working from the Harmony side, there was a change however and the connection broke between Harmony and ST.

I know it should be resolved soon, however if this is the major direction you are going then I would wait until they state it is working fully and as advertised again.

The harmony box sends IR commands to your TV and other devices. The current ST -> Harmony integration is broken. I am on the beta and it works well for me.

Prior to the beta, I was using IFTTT as an intermediary and it worked well for me. What you would do is install a virtual switch and then in IFTTT set up a rule to run whatever activity when the switch was turned on

This type of device should be sufficient.


Search the Forum for “itach” :mag:

What about any of these products here?


Some discussion here:

The ZXT-310 is really what’s needed, but ZXT-120 efforts show it’s possible (I think).