Join the Developer Discussion Calls Every Other Week (archived)

I would like to hear about a documentation roadmap. I need more input. Something that includes design guidelines, best practices, known limitations. Are there plans for an official web interface or is this something that will be left to the developers. Finally, what about improvements to the smarttapp discovery process/store.


Since you are going to talk about upcoming SmartApp releases:
Let’s say I install SmartAlarm today from GitHub and next week ST makes SmartAlarm official, will I need to reconfigure? Or will the switch be automatic?



We all know that there has been issues the last few days and they have been fixed now. Please let’s use the developer discussion as a “developer discussion” and not a “rehash of all the ‘WAF is pissed’ posts” or “bitch at ST session”. Constructive discussion about apps/devices/future path and products would be awesome.

@mager & @Ben, please hold us to the agenda.

If we can’t, may I suggest we have a “user group call” and then a separate “developer discussion call” from now on?

Thanks in advance,


Very much agreed.

Do you mean this?

I am not sure if they do wind direction, but you could potentially build something with an Arduino and our ThingShield to do something like that.

For SmartAlarm, I think you should be okay with your settings when it gets published.

We are going to cancel the Developer Call for tonight, Wednesday November 26 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the turkey and sleep well :smile:

We’ll post a few of the past videos here to tide you over. Here is the first one from a month ago. It’s a good one.


Here is the last discussion. Sorry for the chaos around the video and SDC. May need some Dramamine to watch.

Looks like @pstuart is telling a fish tale in the thumbnail.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day.

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Happy Thanksgiving guys! We are very thankful for your awesome support and guidance in shaping this community.

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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all in this community. Thanks to you all for giving me a hobby and something to be busy with always rather than always being depressed after being diagnosed with heart disease at this age! ST and this community has literally kept me alive. Thanks again!

Cool videos @Ben! Can’t wait for the next meeting.

@Ben will there be a call tonight(12/10)?

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@jodyalbritton @Ben

Yep, we’re planning on it.

Here is a rough schedule:

  • Talk about new SmartApp process update.
  • Upcoming hackathon in NYC this weekend, plus meetup.
  • Upcoming announcements and events with CES.
  • Our goals for 2015.
  • We’re hiring. Roundup of jobs available at SmartThings.

Please let me know if you wanna discuss something in particular.

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Maybe you can comment on ST working with Honeywell to get official integration of the Honeywell WiFi thermostat.
What’s in the works for IP cameras (DLink)?

Let’s talk about the continuing sporadic issues some people are experiencing with apps and events not firing.

Let’s not :smile:

Ok - to be fair - there isn’t much we can do on a call for support issues and it isn’t the right forum. It is much better to have the calls be discussions versus support sessions.


Agreed. Any outages or bugs should be reported to I sit next to those guys and they are the best in the business.

Let’s talk about what features you want, events you want us to attend, and how we can make the SmartApp submission process smarter (we’re making progress).

Ok. Sounds good.

How about giving more conditional functionality in the ST apps. Like: Change to Home when someone arrives, but don’t change to home again to home if another person arrives and Open the garage Door for a specific person at the same time. However, don’t do all that if in Home Stay mode and or in Night/House Sleeping mode.

Yes, the support is Great. And the In ST app “Support Chat” is a Great addition to ST app!