Jawbone UP + SharpTools

(Nicole) #1

I just got a Jawbone Up Move and I’m trying to tie it into SharpTools. It doesn’t show up as a thing I can authorize. Am I missing something?

Jawbone Up24 - Wow great integration
(Joshua Lyon (SharpTools.io Dashboard)) #2

Hi @PurelyNicole - this sounds like a really cool integration. How did you want to use the Jawbone integration with SharpTools? (PS. I’m the developer of SharpTools)

From what I can find on the SmartThings GitHub repo (SmartApp, Device), it looks like the Jawbone Up has a button capability as well as Sleep Sensor and Step Sensor capability. From what I can tell of the button capability in code, it looks like it’s just used to trigger the sleep event.

SharpTools currently supports the following capabilities:

  • Switches
  • Motion Sensors
  • Locks
  • Alarms (Sirens)
  • Thermostats
  • Media Controllers
  • Music Players
  • Speech Synthesizers
  • Color Control
  • Water Valves
  • Presence Sensors
  • Temperature Measurement

The reason I list these capabilities is if I can better understand how the Jawbone integration works and how you want to use it, we might be able to modify the device type to map one of the above supported capabilities to an existing feature in the device type.

(Nicole) #3

Thanks for the follow up Joshua! My initial use case was to try to use SharpTools to connect my Jawbone to Tasker to trigger events based on the current status. Here were some of my scenarios:

  1. If status is changed from Sleep to Awake, turn on the switch for the coffee maker.
  2. If status is changed from Sleep to Awake, turn on ringer on phone and turn off “do not disturb mode.”
  3. If status is changed from Awake to Sleep, turn on “do not disturb mode” on phone.
  4. If status is changed from Awake to Sleep, turn off bedroom lights.
  5. If I am the only one home, and and mode is changed to “sleep” trigger Goodnight routine.

I think I can do these with IFTTT, but all my other rules are built in Tasker and I prefer to have all my stuff setup in one place wherever possible.

(Brian Diehl) #4

I no longer have a Jawbone UP with a button (used to have an UP24 but now have an UP2); does it still give you a notification on the phone if you change modes? If so, 2 and 3 can be done straight in Tasker without using SharpTools.

I know the newer wrist units no longer have buttons so I can’t change it to sleep mode just by holding a button.

If the notifications still exist, you might be able to get the others done as well leveraging Tasker to do the legwork and have it launch SharpTools widgets instead of containing everything within SharpTools (but I’m not 100% sure on this).

(Nicole) #5

I do have the UP24, and I was originally going to say it only changes the icon instead of sending a notification. But then I did some digging in the settings and found that by default “display connection” is enabled. When you turn that off, you do get a notification. Thanks! This is super helpful!

In an ideal world I’d still like to see it intergrated with SharpTools so I could read the status of multiple Up devices and have them set modes based on that. For example “If UP-A is in sleep mode, and UP-B goes from awake to sleep, trigger Goodnight mode.” But this should work for the majority of my cases! Thanks!

(Nicole) #6

I’ve played with this a bit, and the built in Jawbone notification doesn’t work well with Tasker. So, threw together an app to send more detailed text messages when the Jawbone goes to sleep or wakes up: https://github.com/PurelyNicole/SmartThings-JawboneSleepNotification