JawBone (or similar) question

Hi all,

I’m looking for a device which I could wear (like a jawbone) which has good battery life (no need to charge every night) which would be able to send me vibration alerts if the Smart Home Monitor goes into a warning state. This would mean I could get alerted if I’m asleep or at work

Is this possible on JawBone? Also will it work when I’m out of range of the hub? I know the Apple Watch could do this via text message alert but it’s darn expensive and I would need to charge it every few hours.

If not I’m going to have to look for a smart watch with its own SIM, not ideal but workable.



Will it be attached / paired with a smartphone? If you are looking for notifications and battery life, one of the longest goes to Pebble Smartwatches which last for about a week between charges. It goes back to having the phone receive notifications via the app or text message which then gets sent to the wearable.

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There are no longer buttons on newer jawbone’s and button presses are no longer there. Automatically detects sleep and awake. No practical utility in ST world any more unless you just step notification. Useless integration.

Hi guys,

Sorry about the slow reply. Yes it will be pared. I want something basic to wake me up at night (only me - IE: the vibration alert) which has a decent battery life.

All I want is a basic alert if the Smart Home Monitor goes into a warning state, not bothered about buttons etc.

Can the JawBone do this? Or would it only be a pebble/apple watch?


New models of Jawbone can do nothing useful whatsoever in ST world except for step notification. Not sure anything useful you want to do with that.

One of your best bets would be to use IFTTT and interface between SmartThings and your wearable.

IFTTT currently supports UP by Jawbone, plus Google Glass, Fitbit, Misfit, Nike+, Whistle, and Withings. There’s also Android Wear, too.

Right, but you have to check each channel to see exactly which “actions” The channel supports. A lot of wearables only work as the “if”, not the “that.” For example, the only “that” in the jawbone channel is logging. It won’t make the band itself vibrate. Same for Fitbit.

I agree that a smart watch is probably going to be the most flexible in this regard.

The best options appears to be Android Wear, as it will send a notification to your device.

I hope Microsoft get their Band support in IFTTT at some point.

Dam that’s annoying, I’m running an iPhone so not sure how much use I’d get out of an Android device.I know they can do quite a bit with the iPhone but not sure yet. Battery life is also lacking on most devices, might see what comes about in the next few months.

Thanks for all your help anyway :smile: