Jasco ZW3102

I have a Jasco ZW3102 plug-in dimmer switch that Smartthings v2 cannot see. I believe it may be defective. I have one on my network already and it works great. . It uses the device handler ZWave Metering Dimmer. I have the new one next to the ST hub and press the button to start include. It has been a while since I added the other ZW3102, I don’t remember if there was a trick button press. Any help would be appreciated.

have you tried excluding it?

No, it is new out of the box, but I’m willing to try. How can I do that?

All the instructions I find refer to the GE 12718, which is not the device type Zwave Monitoring dimmer as my other Jasco ZW3102. The instructions say to press the button once to begin pairing mode. So far not working.

Are you sure that ZW3102 is the correct model? I did but find reference to this in the z wave alliance list (i did find3104 and 3105 though).

I’ve had the other ZW3102 for a year or so.

Looks like this is also known as jasco 45652WB and ge 45652.

I found what looked like the product manual here:

When I ordered it from Amazon last week it was described as Jasco Z-Wave 45652 Wireless Lighting Control Lamp Dimmer Module
Instructions I find for that refer to the GE 12708 which is the one button press for inclusion.

That is the same instructions for inclusion I’ve found. It is just not working. Likely a defective unit. Thanks Tony

So you’re going to exclusion mode in the app?

I don’t find an exclusion mode in the app. How do you exclude something Smartthings cannot see?

Read the article I linked to

That’s a very old plugin module, now two generations old. I would return it and buy a new one since that would only be available through a 3rd part seller since it’s old and could well be used.

For reference, the current gen model numbers for plugin dimmers are as follows:

28167 - Single plug
14280 - Dual plug
28175 - Dual plug, dual USB.

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Jimmy, Thanks. Sorry about my short attention span, but I finally read the instructions and it now works.


Benji, I will refer to this if I need another.

Keep that in your back pocket for the future. Some zwave devices, even when brand new, need an exclusion done first for whatever reason.

Thanks for all your help guys. I’ve been doing this for some time and have never had to exclude a thing right out of the box.