Jasco Switch Oddity

(Dave) #1

After figuring out the wiring, I added the switch and it worked as expected a couple times. This evening I tried to turn it on via my Android and it doesn’t turn on. If I turn the actual switch on and off it works and it updates the log in the switch tile. Also, if I physically turn the switch on, I can turn it off via the Android.

Any idea why turning on the switch via the phone doesn’t work?

(Todd Wackford) #2

My dimmers have started to exhibit similar behavior. They eventually come but sometimes a few minutes later.

Is your switch a dimmer?

(Dave) #3

No, it’s not a dimmer. A little bit ago things were working as intended. But the Smart Nightlight wasn’t. Now the Nightlight worked, but it took over 2 minutes to turn on. The switches on the Android phone turned on my light, but won’t turn it off.


This is getting real old real fast.

(Av8rdude) #4

I think something was going on with the backbend last night. The IDE was painfully slow and all my things were slow or non responsive at times.
It could have been my internet connection… But I don’t think so.

(Chrisb) #5

Yeah, I had server delay issues last night too.

This is starting to become a problem.

(Dave) #6

More weird crap this morning. The app works sometimes and not sometimes. I also found the LED indicator behavior also doesn’t work well.

It seems the commands are buffering again. That is when they aren’t getting lost.

Part of my problem is is there is zero feedback when a tile is touched so I’m not sure if the command was received or not and I’ll touch it again.

My frustration with this system is getting worse.

(Av8rdude) #7

I think they are getting overloaded with the shipments of new things and hubs to the world. I’m sure the capacity will be ramped up soon. Just some small growing pains. Not to mention the effort to re-factor the entire database to support multiple users on accounts, granular notifications, etc. This re-factoring must be a major undertaking.
Only my guess,

(Jay) #8

I’m suspecting these problems are related to this: http://business.newsfactor.com/story.xhtml?story_id=1220084QNNNU :frowning:

(Cory S) #9

Some perhaps… but the primary issues ST is having are unrelated to those outages, and are ongoing.

(David Forgianni) #10

@Dave in re: to:

>The switches on the Android phone turned on my light, but won’t turn it off.

Can you please confirm that this is currently occurring, and if so, please let us know name/model number of the Jasco switch in question? Thanks!

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #11

This is why it is UNACCEPTABLE to not have a fully local failover for essential functions of SmartThings.

Heck, some of us want to run entire logic servers on our own LANs for the sake of privacy, security, reliability, and severability (i.e., the ability to drop out of SmartThings entirely, while keeping our hardware functional).

Amazon Web Services Suffer Second Outage in Seven Days


As competitors enter the marketplace, there will be systems with localized operation guaranteed; they will be worth the extra cost (… to a point).


(Todd Wackford) #12

I find it so exciting that the HA market is both deepening and broadening. It will allow users/customers to make comparative decisions to purchase something that fits their wants/needs.

I for one have never thought I was a victim of a company because they may not have a certain piece of functionality. I typically put in an enhancement request sighting use cases and upside potentials.

And furthermore, I’ve been in Quality Assurance for over 30 years. I know what gets the most attention from Engineering.

#1 systems down need fix
#1.5 bugs that have a PITA workaround
#2 next release sales commitments
#3 next release planned functionality and managing depreciation
#4 enhancement requests from user community
#5 vacation
#6 coffee
#7 (and last) turning piss and moan posts into cool 3D dart boards.

Your experience may be different so this just my humble opinion based on working in and being involved with one or two start-up. In other words, when reading this, your mileage may vary.

Remember… “Happy Hacking”

I in no way intend this post to infer anything about anything or anyone. It is a work of fiction.