Jasco outlet works *once only*, then disconnects every time

I can’t find a post that helps with this problem.
I have a Jasco z wave outlet on my Aeotec hub that used to work fine, but now drops after one command.
I add the outlet to my network, and I can send ONE command (on or off) and it will work fine, but then drops from the network. I can exclude and re-add, and it’ll work once and then drop. Sometimes I can repair it back in and it’ll work once and drop, but often the repair fails. I turned off secure mode thinking that might cause a problem, but no success. Other devices (leak and motion sensors, switches, outlets, etc) work fine.
Has anyone seen this behavior and solved it?

It may be an issue with the outlet, try contacting GE for a replacement

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ok thanks RBoy. That was my fear. These have been working fine for years, but lately I’ve had a few Jasco outlets suddenly start misbehaving. I guess it’s not me, it’s them… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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GE switches are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. The older zwave switches are very prone to failure after a few years. The newer zwave plus switches are much more reliable but still remain very susceptible to power outages and fluctuations. It’s a common complaint about GE switches going bad after a power outage or storm. The only solution is to put a whole house surge protector if have these switches.

Thanks again, super helpful perspective which I was not aware of and could explain a lot in my setup.
Are there outlets that are not susceptible to outages/fluctuations?
I’m in California if it matters
Thank you!

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