Jasco fan switch disppeared

Hi, I have several z wave devices on my ST hub (GE, Zooz primarily, and some Schlage locks) - and it has been working fine for a year or two.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been having some random issues with devices going offline. In most cases, I’ve been able to re-add them. Except this Jasco fan controller. It just randomly disappeared from ST - doesn’t just show offline, but just gone.

The switch works manually - no issues, but can’t see it in ST. I tried to exclude it (set hub to exclude mode, and tapped up button once) - hub reports nothing to exclude. Tried to add - hub reports nothing found. Tried to reset (3 up/3 down) - the switch doesn’t show the blue LED blinking as it should after reset. Tried air gap before/after all these steps - no difference. I’ve also tried network repair.

I have not added any devices recently. Any recommendations on what I’m missing?