Jasco Energy Reporting Outlet (43132) reporting power in MW (megawatts!)

I might be using the wrong DTH, or there is something wrong in the outlet’s firmware or ST’s handling of the data coming from the outlet as it is currently telling me I am drawing 1.7 MW (lol!) and have drawn over 70 MW of power from this outlet. I installed it just a few days ago…

@johnconstantelo et al. - do you have any of these? If so, do they report power correctly and what DTH are you using? I am using “Zigbee Metering Plug”


I have 2 of those but none are drawing any power right now. I can check when I get home and plug something in. I’m using the same DTH as you.

None of my other Zigbee devices that report power are doing that, but they are using a different DTH.

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The other thing that is concerning is that in 6 days I’ve had it installed it sent over 500,000 messages. I am moving to Zigbee due to the traffic putting my Zwave mesh network on its knees so I certainly don’t want to just move the issue over to Zigbee.

I think you may have an issue with that outlet. I’d delete it and rejoin it. Here’s one of mine with a hair drying running:

This outlet isn’t used too much since I put it in a couple months ago, but I can say for certain that yours should not look like what you posted!


I had another new 43132 outlet so I wired it up provisionally and it was working fine therefore after testing it for a day I replaced the outlet reporting 1.7MW power usage. I’ve been pretty unlucky with Jasco outlets :frowning: yet I don’t know of any better ones (preferably Zigbee).