Jasco 45609 without 45610

I am new to all of this in general. I bought a jasco 45609 and had planned to replace my hallway switch with it. The current setup is 3way with one of the switches barely used. I plan on buying the 45610 to replace the barely used switch but my question is can I hook up the 45609 without the 45610 for now and just not use the other switch until replaced? If so what would happen if someone accidentally flipped the other switch?

If the other is a plain conventional 3-way, you’d be better off just disconnecting it. What might happen strongly depends on how the 3-way circuit is wired, so it’s really impossible to predict things. It can range from “nothing happens” to “something really bad happens.”

(I just got done wiring the Lowes version of the same switch pair today, and I was kind of surprised at how my 3-way was wired to begin with…)

Thanks! I think what I may do it just use this switch for a different single light and buy a a new set (45609,45610) and use that for the 3way. Thanks for your reply